Friday, November 30, 2012

what did I do wrong.

really, none of this has to get out. there's a reason this is here, not on Tumblr.

I wasn't exactly dissatisfied. After B.A.P won this the girls were like "B.A.P dah menang award, rookie kasi kat EXO la~" but EXO already got a rookie award. it may not have been on MAMA, but it's still a rookie award all the same. I was hoping Busker Busker won rookie so that it'll be fair. but apparently EXO had to win another award too. and some ass exotits had to go all "THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN ROOKIE - IT'S NEW ASIAN ARTIST AWARD! IT'S LIKE, NOT JUST IN KOREA, IT'S IN FUCKING ASIA" oh shut up. do you even know who won it last year? neither do I. only to say that it's not that big of a deal.

I agree with this girl who said EXO's performance wasn't that big of a deal. compared to YG artist's performances, SM's artist weren't that impressive. EXO's was good, fine, but it's not that big of a deal. SuJu was... they had a 'special preparation' for Spy, they said in an advertisement on Channel M. what's so special? the dance and song was exactly the same. even Sexy Free and Single. the Mr. Simple dance wasn't even them. super disappointed, but I couldn't say that in front of an ELF, SM-stan Shahira and the easily-impressed Sya and Ain. I was in a position that I had to pretend that it was okay that SM made it such a big fucking deal. in my opinion, EXO and SHINee had the best act (although SHINee didn't really do much neither, EXO just made them look like the new Gods of the East. who are they kidding. missing DB5K although I was never there at that time, but watching their old performances, I know they were great.) and even as the best act, it couldn't match with Big Bang.

Honestly, YG ruled the stage. they even had Gangnam Style in their palms - how can they not?
Then Lee Hi, the latest kid genius. Epik High; one of the best rapping groups in the KPOP scene. Big Bang; legends. EMA winners. YG has it all.

I took a dump while JYP was performing.

Anyway, in my thoughts right now it's EXO - 2, B.A.P - 1. There's a lot more opportunities later in the future, and I will pray and pray every single day that B.A.P will beat out EXO in the number of awards. I know it's mean, but those little SM fuckers deserve to see that they're not big ass shots at all. I honestly feel like cursing SM and everything of it but remembering how much I loved SHINee, and how hard all of them worked as trainees, it's really hard to hate the artists. but you can trust me that when I say I hate SM as a company, I really do, fucking hate them with a passion. They don't deserve shit.

I just hope I won't have to bite back my words in the future.

Oh did anyone else notice B.A.P was gone after their award? They couldn't bother really. The only thing they felt sitting among those fucking SM artist is small and unneeded. They bowed and felt grateful to Mnet but even f(x) who I liked so much kept their bitch face on. Even I can't stand it. How can they?

P.S, Youngjae tweeted a thanks and called us babies; literally T__T I feel pampered somehow like they have to take care of us or something. it's a nice feeling, honestly. a feeling like we're loved. I mean, all parents love their babies, right?

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