Monday, December 24, 2012


So Laila told me she still reads my blog and told me to update. But she said she only reads when I talk about real life so I don't know if this counts as a blog post upon request. Just wanted to say a few things.

I'm so late with the fangift, I'm even considering courier now but hopefully the post offices open after Christmas day. I just want it to be there before 15th January (GDA so it'll be too late by then), maybe before 13th or 12th would be good too because maybe it takes some time for the gifts to get to B.A.P from the company building. Or if B.A.P's coming to Malaysia a bit earlier idk
But see I got resources (ehem that sounds way too cool than what it really is but let's say I did smooch my way into this acquaintance) and she said that B.A.P might be holding another showcase in Malaysia after GDA and as much as how impossible that sounds, I'm hoping B.A.P is coming, if not for another showcase, but for an event. In case he didn't get the cap in time to wear it for the flight here for GDA, he might be able to wear it then so. yay best wishes for that

Another thing is that wow, finally got feedback for We Must Be Killers on dA and LJ. A bit later than I wanted (but I didn't expect anything... I didn't want to. expectations lead to disappointments) but there's still feedback nonetheless. from dA was Kikidai again, the admin of an infamous writers group. she (he?) is always so nice, commenting sincerely every time.
When I got to LJ I was surprised to have gotten not one, but THREE new messages. I was getting kinda excited, but turns out it was one person who commented on three stories (including WMBK). I really appreciate it, I do, but it does come out as a disappointment because I really wanted feedback for my latest story. But she commented on my failed fluff and the EXO crossover. Like, I put the fluff there for variation, and the crossover seems like a long time ago. I like it too; it sort of gave me my style of writing, but what about Mask? and Chipped? I still haven't gotten that much feedback on those and I'd really like it if someone said something about them.
But well I guess I should be happy with what I got. Whenever I complain to mom she would be like "Humans are never happy with what they've got, are they?" and it shuts me up.

Plus, this 'blackheart_lies' person claimed me to be her new best friend and left me a plate of cookies so.

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