Friday, December 21, 2012


Well South Korea obviously doesn't believe that the world was gonna end today.

So the above video... I can't say I'm super excited and that this video proves B.A.P are the best rookies of all time, because they did lack. For one, I admired how BtoB comprehended with using B.A.P's song as the opening. (Although hearing 'Melody' instead of 'BABY' kinda made me feel a bit sick in the stomach but that's just my feelings) They did well, but the camera was all over the place and it sort of didn't capture the detail of the dancing, but rather just built up a lot of hype for those who don't have an eye for choreography.
Also the fact that BtoB's group dance was slightly better than B.A.P's imo. Why? Not because of the talent, lemme just tell you I believe all of them are talented and can dance well in their own styles. But because of the choreography. Yes, I am admitting that B.A.P's choreography was actually biased.

Who the heck created the choreography? The beginning was awesome with that motorbike scene thing, yes, but then it started to seem a lot like it was Moon & Zelo with back up dancers. Sure, they're the main dancers but it looks a lot like the rest of B.A.P were mere decorations to their battle-out. Mind you that this is a KPOP dance battle, meaning that they're not dance crews. They work together as a team. Sure a few solo shots are good but about 3/4 of B.A.P's dance was mainly Zelo and Jongup showing off? Not in a bad way, that's how dance crews battle it out. But they're not dance crews. They're an idol group.

BtoB on the other hand included everyone in their dances, and even when there were solo shots at least four of them got attention. That's more than half of the group getting solo shots. And the detail in their choreography was showcased very well from the top to beginning. Although it lacks creativity (you gotta admit you see a lot of these things in KPOP dances, but the motorbike thing from B.A.P's dance was very original) it looked neat and fair.

But here's the twist. When the two got together and the slick song (really can I call that R&B? Because I'm not sure whether it's Ne-Yo or Chris Brown or anyone in that same field with almost the same voice) started and they divided into two (you know which part. the one where the maknaes were back to back and OMG Zelo why are you so tall) you can see that B.A.P worked together better - their moves were in sync, and they looked really cool even without trying too hard. But BtoB looked really messy and sort of just let it go in the end.
I have no complains about the ending though. Heck IT WAS JUST SO FUCKING AWESOME I mean did you see them dancing in sync and like going in and out of each other's lines like OMG that was just sooo good seriously ;w; That was my favourite part.
Also, sometimes I wonder if B.A.P had like a special hip thrusting class because damn, they keep hip thrusting I'm just gonna lie here and die calling myself a BABY

Just saying that FUCK ZELO I hate you and your cuteness like that aegyo by the end of the rap HOW CAN YOU CONCEAL THAT I just laughed and laughed like omg he killed me. And I also hate the fact that I can sing to this version (which is probably if not a few keys, a whole octave lower than the original version) better than the original because damn, my voice is just that low. I can only sing guy songs well then when I try a girl group song I sound like I'm a sick hyena trying to squeeze out my last breaths.

Oh well. B.A.P did a good job.
Shitting fucks guess what. I just discovered that B.A.P actually did a cover of this :

I'M GOING TO DIE THAT MAKES IT WORSE I think I mean at least it wasn't their idea to make the maknaes stars of the show, and it's not exactly the same (but the original was better tbh) but well DOES THAT MEAN BTOB TOOK THE TIME TO LEARN NEW STEPS WHILE B.A.P RIPPED OFF JABBAWOCKEEZ NOOO
Yet again, I'm gonna lie here and die calling myself a BABY

well, Merry KBS Christmas.

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