Monday, December 17, 2012


so this will be my 988th post. Glad to say I didn't post hundreds of posts like I did in the previous years.

how did I know? well lifeless me backtracked my blog until my first post in 2012 and apparently my last post in 2011 was my 800th. I evaluated my posts and well I talk a lot don't I? I still do, apparently. in between what actually happened I would put in my opinions into it then that opinion will lead to another and so on. sorry if you guys suffered reading my blog. I'll try not to blog too much in 2013. is a hundred posts enough? I'll make my 1100th post for the last post on 2013, talking about how I'll miss school and how college will be like and such. that's a promise. remind me if I forget.

I don't know if I'll do the a-friend-gets-one-post like Fern is, even if she's only doing it for friends who had affected her life, I feel like there's too many people out there who has made me who I am even with the slightest opinion I have about them.
so anyway, found two posts I thought was interesting. also I think I was spazzing too much KPOP on this blog and that's why I created a Twitter account. I got my phone around May, and I realized I started blogging less around that time.

so the two posts are this and this. The first one is the blog post I made when I first discovered B.A.P. I seem less excited, just in that "oh well they're cool I like them" mode. Who would've thought I'd cry for them by the end of the year, really.
then the second one is me stating that I wanted to 'restart' 2012 and also my 'ideal type'. wow. who would've thought I'd meet Moon Jongup and restarting wouldn't even matter anymore because I started to care less.
Moon Jongup is the least of my ideal type. heck, he has abs, he's not lean, his eyes are tiny, his teeth are too big and rigged, he's the shortest member of B.A.P. yet I like everything about him. I'm starting to wonder if the person I'm gonna marry will really look like the type of person I would like at this moment.

I kinda wish I can restart now but I'm just trying to finish off 2012 quickly and start studying. that's all 2013 will be about - studying, tbh. I don't want drama, or boys, or Korean idol groups ruining my life. Next year I want everything to be subtle. will probably Tumblr less and fangirl less and concentrate less on everything that's going on in KPOP. I don't have to watch the latest MV by that group that I don't know the names of.

Okay well I'm actually procrastinating right now so I'll just end this here.

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