Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm currently on my dad's massage chair, enjoying the air conditioning, kinda sleepy. I just went through my playlist and deleted some songs. I don't think it's a lot but I'd like to recreate it so I'll delete more eventually as my taste in music widens to even more genres. The truth is, it's hard to delete their songs when you remember back that time they made you laugh in that variety show. That's what Korean idols do, really. They eat your heart up and somehow, they're all you ever think about. I don't want that anymore. Not now that I have to face the real world in less than 365 days.

I tried deleting the apps on my phone too but I can't seem to imagine what it'd be like to not have any entertainment at all. So I kept them. The laptop is now kept in it's bag and I placed it against my dad's table. Tomorrow he'll look for a safe place to hide it. Not that I'll be trying to look for it. I gave it up. What's there to it?

This time in 2009 I made new year's resolutions. One of it was to make a good impression to my new classmates. Although I tried, they didn't leave a good impression on me so I stopped trying and just became myself and that turned out okay. This year, 2013, the only clear resolution is to do well for SPM. There's the basics like exercise more and eat less snacks and try to be a better person. Everyone wants to do those so technically it doesn't count so I will cut you if those include in your new year's resolution, seriously.

One thing I know I'll be thinking bout in 2013 other than studies is Girl Guides. I wanna leave a mark at school, therefore I'm trying to figure out things to do with the guides this year. Also I have a feeling I'll be part of the deco commitee in Sapphire Blue. That'll be fun. Just don't make me head. Also, the Lit play will be a big thing.
And this one is only if I get through - Starstruck. Thing about this is that this could be the starting point of my career. If I really do get an internship, I'll buy Xueh Wei's dinner for a whole month, honest. But that's too far off into the future. For now, I just wanna get pass Stage 2.

Now the highlights of 2012. One big moment was definitely going to rice idiots' showcase. School wise, there's the fact that I drew out the base of Blue's banner. The castle banner they used to the kawad. That felt awesome, although it feels like a small secret; an achievement little know of, a little sprite who doesn't ask for recognition. I actually missed out a lot this year, like the guide's gathering. I tried to help on the little things, but you gotta admit if you weren't there you're not counted in.
Friendship wise, it includes a lot of Shahira. There's that moment she got into Hubble, when we said goodbye to Sya. I think that was a movie moment. Then there was that staring thing during PMD. Then there was that drama I had with her about her problem. I cried everyday for a whole week, I think. I got over Pumpkin. My friendship with Ika got into more depth too; we used to be able to relate a lot, but now we know what we can and can't relate to and have learned to respect it. What else? Loses are normal. I can't even remember the friendships I've lost. Mostly because even if we were never close or we were tight but grew apart, you all mean so much to me and I appreciate each and every smile or wave or hello you gave me that uncounted day. It has all made me the person that I am now. So thank you.

Happy new year everyone. Till 2014.

P.S, my parcel has arrived in Seoul, but I'm not sure if it's with Jongup yet. TS, probably but I have no idea when Jongup would be getting it /cries it's sooner than I expected and now I really can't wait for the day B.A.P comes to Malaysia for GDA and see if Guppie wore it; the cap I bought especially in thought of him...

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