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when you Skype and want people too know but don't want people to see your face

Trying to get the sleep I missed last night, but there's a few things on my mind so hopefully blogging will make me sleepy again. Just finished piano class and crap mom is so thoughtless SHE INVITED A FRIEND OVER AND THEY WERE DISCUSSING STUFF OVER MY PIANO PLAYING
I don't know if it's the pressure or the anger that made my playing worse, whatever it is I blame mom. Then after I finished she chatted with teacher right in front of her friend, talking bout how she wants me to finish off at least grade 7 before SPM. Meaning I have to take my practical mid-year SPM year, and expected to do so not only by my mother but also her friend and daughter who came along for God knows why. I somehow feel like she's doing it on purpose - double kill; I get the message that mom wants me to do a lot better, and also she gets me pressured to do my exams by setting witnesses that I said 'I'll try my best'. Mom's quick-witted like that. Sometimes it's admirable, but right now its just annoying.

Anyway I guess I talked enough negatives so I'll blog bout the fun I've had for the past two days now.
Friday, Ain and Sya were the firsts to come at around 11. We just hung around, talking, watching TV and such. Then Khairun came and we moved over to the laptop and I started bringing over drinks. Mom brought back lunch and we ate then prayed then Shahira came around 3. After a bit more chatting we decided we'll wait in front of the TV because honestly we were so excited we were like "33 minutes left." "27 minutes left." "14 minutes left."

So we watched the red carpet and discovered that those who were streaming or watching on S One was a few minutes faster than ours so we had this thing where we'd be like "can everyone just stop looking at their phones??" Cuz honestly EVERYONE was on Twitter, I can feel it. We couldn't fully concentrate to tweet, but we were reading. And man, the spoilers killed us.

So B.A.P's stage was so cute, I loved their outfit and I loved how they transferred from bad ass guys to cute little bunnies and I loved that Jongup's hair was styled down. I loved how Khairun said "can they just win the rookie award already?" and how Shahira said "I think I'm starting to like B.A.P because of Elyna" and I just fucking loved everything bout it. Watching it on YT just hurts now because the top comments are all about how they should've gotten on stage for MAMA. Its sort of a mixed feeling - proud of my boys, hatred towards the biased kpop industry.

Then after awhile of not knowing who was who I started checking Twitter and well I saw someone screaming "EXO" and I bit my lip. The girls will kill me if I told them but then if I don't tell them I dont think there'd be excitement. So after a few moments I said "guys EXO soon" and they were already screeching. After that we watched intently. There was this one time this huge car came and we got excited and suddenly it was actually just this one lady.
"Kalau sengsorang tu takyah la naik kereta besar-besar!!"

We didn't even get to see what car EXO was on anyway since just the sight of one member (I think it was Kris, can't remember) got everyone screaming as if we just saw a banshee. Honestly anyone near would've thought we saw a ghost, it was just that high-pitch. Thankfully my mom was at work at that time lol. Laughed when Chen scolded Tao. It was so cute, seeing them in such a human state. But it didn't stay long. The white suits and stunning height (bahah doesn't apply to Kyungsoo) they looked more like angels really. When they walked, because there were so many of them, they looked like angels sent down from heaven. Did you know that was supposed to be their name? Heaven of Boys. In Korean, so it would be something like SNSD and DBSK too but they changed it to EXO :/ somehow feel like it was to get that alien feel (ya know, EXO from EXO Planet meaning planets from outside of our galaxy) and feels like they did it because B.A.P but let's get serious the teasers started coming out in 2011 so scrap that idea. When Kris spoke in Chinese Khairun translated for us and they were all thanking her. And yea. That's when I know I'm alone in the 'B.A.P > EXO' department in Hubble. Other than Ika but Ika macam dah jinak-jinak nak kenal the members so there goes that hope.

Khairun left soon and Ika came before 7. She missed the whole red carpet and slightly the opening. I was surprised Yongguk was performing but I was the only one excited for him, I could feel the aura in the room lol. I didn't understand what was going on when B.A.P won that award but I was happy for them. Wasn't entirely excited when they disappeared throughout the whole show. They still have the rookie award to receive!! I thought. Then I started hearing crap from the girls like "B.A.P dah menang something, biarla EXO menang rookie~" like shut the fuck up okay this is a different award and rookie is a different award. Plus they already won rookie on 19th Korean Entertainment award so fuck that shit okay. I never said "oh--
I'm ranting again. Sigh. Anyway we had pizza for dinner and it was all fine and dandy except Ika and Sya didn't eat the freaking pineapples. I cannot marry a picky eater especially when they don't eat something I do cuz then I'll just get annoyed at the thought of how its a waste and start eating after their leftovers. This just annoys me so much somehow lol.

Everyone was so amazed by the SM performances. I think I've already put my thought on this a few posts back but I was really disappointed with SuJu's performances. At least EXO's covers were slightly different, but SuJu just did what they usually do + a little bit of acting. All SHINee did was look awesome being decorated pretty with EXO.
It kinda reminds me of like SHINee did a DBSK cover and EXO did a SHINee cover. I wonder if DBSK did a H.O.T cover cuz that'd be awesome. The generations uwu

So when EXO got an award too I was already putting more hope that B.A.P'd win rookie. We didnt know that they already announced Busker Busker as the winner (coincidence I'm listening to them rn lol). So yea. That was that. Shahira left around 10 and YG's performances were the shit. Epik High was cool but I guess the make-up + props was too heavy lol and BigBang made it look like it was their concert or something. I think I was the only one enjoying the rap performance. Heck I'm surprised to say that Dynamic Duo had me going on more than Zico. Its okay. I'll anticipate the day Zico and Zelo rap together uwu Ida came to give the nail polish but she left after. Things wrapped up and Sya went home. Me, Ika and Ain were left.

We went upstairs after cleaning up our nails, then we chatted a little and I was writing the previous post when I realized if this went on I might cry so I asked the girls if they wanted to play Ib. They were okay with it. I was for once happy Sya and Shahira weren't around. Small Ida had more guts than the two put together. Lol Shahira's afraid of cats so I like teasing her bout it and there was a time she was sitting on the floor so I took Comel and brushed her against her back. I can only laugh when we she screamed. But as we all know she's not very loud neither so no fun in that.

Anyway we started playing and when all the creepy things started happening in the game and it scared our pants off we realized we'll never finish this crap so we just watched PewDiePie's walkthrough of it. Ika kept saying he didn't use cheat and that's why nothing's working. I think its more fun and it uses your brain a bit. And PewDiePie's funny so that's okay. Had to skip through a lot. Ika was like "wow you guys catch on fast I just watched him play" well. I know I'm smart but I'm just as stupid as well. It was really cool. Now I salute Japanese people even more. So damn smart whoever came up with Ib. I don't think I can finish it in two weeks. Probably 20 days or more if I want the good ending. So... probably will never play it LOL

We finished watching it at 5am so we decided to perform Subuh first then sleep. Slept at 6. Woke up at 11+. Ate 'breakfast' while watching Ranking King on TV then we went upstairs and started watching Killing Camp. Glad they were enjoying it. Took a break before ep3 because it was already 3 and we haven't showered nor performed Zohor so I took a shower and performed while they cleaned up (no shower for them! Lol they said it felt like camp. True. Camp is the place where you get down and dirty the most. At night you'll say I'll take I shower tomorrow morning but then you wake up late and never get that shower).

Had so-called lunch (of cornflakes with milk) while watching ep3 then we just killed time. Ika and Ain panicked when my bro's friend came to take his phone and wore their tudung and stuff when I didn't even open the gate lol. I felt lame saying "orait" so much because well that's just how lame I am with guys. Ika went home before 5 and Ain got home at almost 6. Most tiring days of the holidays honestly.
So yea I spent over an hour writing that. I think I'm even more awake now. Shit.


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