Friday, December 14, 2012

crying for the wrong reasons.

I preset all the paragraphs on the laptop first ehe. My brother owns the laptop at night so I had to do this quick. So I was watching WGM episodes I missed out this afternoon then at around 4+ I didn't know what to do while waiting for the Melon Music Awards tonight at 6 so I re-watched B.A.P Diary (when they were in Singapore) (#np We Must Be Killers - Mikky Ekko. Sorry just had to this song is so addictive ok I wonder if Teen Wolf have other awesome songs like this ewe). So I finished watching that at around 5.50 and so I just opened the YT streaming link earlier and turns out it was the red carpet =__= (#np Demons - Imagine Dragons this band has a whole album that's totally my taste ok I hate them) so I was like I didn't miss B.A.P did I?? And apparently I spoke too soon because I found the below on itsbap.

I... I don't understand their coordi noona seriously. CHOCOLATE UNNIE WHY. Anyway I also saw the Bullying Prevention thing (my phone reads my mind srsly cuz #np Talk That - Secret) but I was like naaah I'll watch that later gotta concentrate on the awards~ which didn't start until like 30 minutes later. Hambik kau. The owner of the video deleted it T T now I can only look at GIFs on Tumblr but like all I know is Jongup and Zelo's hair looks ugly after being half-dyed black. Or maybe it was the way they styled it lol. (#np Gimme - Whoo oh gawd I think this should be track #18 on my mix CD idk yet.) But as the selcas, Youngjae looks perf <3 didn't see the others yet though /sigh lol ok back to the awards. So it took awhile for it to actually start and the opening was a fcking awesome hip hop collab and like Zelo and Yongguk were high and another two from B.A.P but I missed them ;__; I'll look for cuts later. And omg the amount of Matoki lightsticks near the stage was amazing. A bit further were beautiful silver Beauty (BEAST) lightsticks and well basically those two conquered the audience. So then the below video came out and I started getting nervous when the words "Best Rookie Award" came out.

(#np 6am -Family of the Year) When the announced "Ailee and B.A.P" I just caught "Ailee" so I thought they didn't win but then they stood up and went to stage so I was like they both won? Then a B.A.P song played (Warrior I think lol refer above video) and I was like THEY BOTH WON I laughed when somehow all of them got a chance to talk and by Jongup I was like "laugh I love you too bb but poor Ailee is waiting" then Zelo got teary and I got teary too ;__; not gonna talk bout it cuz if I do I might cry right now. I felt kinda bad too cuz I bet all the Ailee fans were like "OH COME ON WHEN IS AILEE GONNA TALK" Melon should've really just gave it to one person lol. (Btw Melon is a Korean music website where you can buy music and stuff sort of like iTunes except its a website and there's a few more websites similar to it) So then K.Will performed and cry his voice is beautiful then another awards which BEAST and Sistar won (seperately as male and female see Melon you could've done that for rookie too like what) idk what awards it was but congrats to both groups!! Then B.A.P performed and I kept giggling stupidly at their intro video.

Someone said something bout a backstage on Twitter but if it wasn't on itsbap I'll assume a cut does not exist. Anyway I cried halfway through Warrior. Like legit crying. I smiled hard and felt ugly but I was so happy for them. I've supported them since Warrior and I know how hard they've worked and I felt so proud to call myself a BABY. I don't care what haters have to say. B.A.P will always be winners to me, and to all the BABYs out there. Love them so much.

The title is as such because right after B.A.P finished their performance Bakmal came in to ask for the laptop and asked why I was crying he was quite surprised when I told him. Like maybe to a normal person it was ridiculous to cry over a boy band. Maybe I thought it was stupid for all those fangirls who went to Justin Bieber's concert and got caught crying stupidly on camera. Maybe I'm one of those girls now. Maybe I'm stupid to love B.A.P as much to the point of crying for them. But idk. It felt right. I'm their second omma. Their fried tofu. I have a right to cry of joy for them, right? I can't tell the difference anymore.

Anyway, I was happy NOT A SINGLE SM ARTIST attended the awards. It felt like there was at least someone who thinks that their presence is not a fcking presidential ceremony. Heck the biggest name on the red carpet that night was 2NE1, whom I think deserves their fame because they were big rookies too and worldwide they're loved by many, including non KPOP stans. EXO didn't even make it on the nominees because their digital sales sucks l0l take that exotits. I swear even if there's talent in SM they're selling faces not music there. I'm not saying they're music is bad (not at ALL) its just that their face sells and you gotta admit it ok. Even those who bought their albums (esp the limited edition one) said the album packaging sucks cuz it was just like black/white manila card, CD and photocard lol. So wtf? Why SM why?

Wow ok I'm putting too much hate into this. So its currently a tie - EXO, 2. B.A.P, 2. There'll be more award shows in the future, right? Oh well. If not better, B.A.P has proven to be of the same standard with EXO so I'm happy ^^ just an ordinary group, huh exotits? Anyway, still wondering if CNBLUE won best band group but its okay because they've won it before so. One thing I dont like bout Lee Hi is that she broke CNBLUE's record of fastest rookie to win an award on a music show since debut. CNBLUE got it after 14 days of debuting like wow that chic's good to beat that record srsly. Last but not least, I hope Secret gets better soon T T

I forgot umm going to JB tomorrow so I'll work on Part5 during the weekends. I'm coming back on Sunday so hopefully post it that night? Cuz I wanna concentrate on B.A.P's gifts >< gotta finish it quickly and concentrate on school pulak. Sigh okay goodnight bb's will be doing some research tonight.

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