Thursday, December 20, 2012

drama 2013.


Okay wait no cries I have to control these feels and put it in another post ;_____;
Okay so this is what happened. I decided that 9 more posts left weren't enough until the end of the year so I deleted a few posts and apparently this will be my 987th post. I kinda regretted it for awhile when I suddenly remembered I have approximately ten days left of 2012 and it seemed impossible to write 14 posts in that day but now I can see what I can talk about to fill it out.

I just finished watching School 2013 episode and all the feels seriously. It is so fcking intense I can't even. It's those type of dramas not everyone can appreciate, you know? It's kinda slow and there's a few bad actors and annoying characters but I'll withstand it for a difference. It's definitely not the typical Kdrama (or is it?? maybe it's the typical underrated Kdrama).
The drama is intense, but it's not the type where suddenly this person is actually this person's sister and that person's grandma had an affair with that person's father so technically they're somewhat blood related but then they're in love or whatever. It's real life - there are some students that want to study, mostly because they were pressured by their family who all are well educated. Then there are those who have no purpose, and have no intention in doing so. Some are ruining their own lives, and some lives are already ruined. Then there's the teacher's perspectives too - to educate those students into being humans, or being university graduates? It's really that type of seriousness.

But then today I cried at episode 4. No, no one died and no one's heart got broken and no one confessed their love to someone (apparently there are rumours that they're cutting off the love line, but I'm hoping they don't cuz without it I'm sure it'll be quite dull). But a lot of kicking and punching happened. A lot of bruises. Somehow, I think I cried because of the pain. idek.

So I'll try to finish this until episode 6 today. it's still ongoing so damn am I anticipating it. It feels like all the characters are somewhat hateful, but that's just it. No one's perfect.

P.S, prepare yourself for a fangirl post tonight. Also, I'll talk about my gift sometime. It's done and I've taken pictures and stuff but I haven't decided if I'm really in the mood to talk about how I got it done yet lol. It's by my brother's side now, hidden from my mom. Hopefully things go well and Kak Ain sends it today without having anything leaked to mom.

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