Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Apparently I had another nice dream. It actually started out as a Disney princess game or something and it was nice but I can't remember very well and then it turned into another video game with a lot of chasing and gunning down people then it changed into something like a few Sri Amanians were spies I can't remember who but there were a lot. I was setting off to another mission when dad was saying we could go somewhere or something like we had the money to do something but it was still in planning. I went to do my mission all excited and I bumped into Pumpkin and she was on the way to a mission too and I was talking to her but I think I annoyed her because she seemed to be rushing somewhere. At one point we seperated for awhile then she tripped down the stairs. I went to ask if she was okay but she shrugged me off. We got to the place she was undercover and a few other Sri Amanians were there and someone asked Pumpkin "she's undercovering here too?" And Pumpkin answered "not here." I don't think I was meant to hear that so I just walked away, pretending someone didn't just hint she doesn't want me around.
Went to the place I was undercover and there was a lot of chasing going on until I reached this place where there were a lot of homeless people living illegally in an abandoned building but it wasn't my job to save them so I pretended I didn't see anything. Suddenly I came to an exit where there were a lot of people getting caught and there were like a few police and most of the people were families. One of them was mine.
Apparently at that time we were living somewhere with circumstances and Bakmal screwed up something and we were arrested. We had to pay a lot of fines and all our money would be gone. Sad story, blablabla. Then I noticed Pumpkin was also somewhere in the crowd, with her family. She must be in a lot of trouble too.
So we decided that we'll work harder for our future and cute stuff like, the rest was a blur.

Yea it was kinda weird but I liked the thrill? There was a lot of things on the line like the Disney princess game thing involved like marriage or something then the shooting game, ofc the life of the player was on the line, then the spy thingy, because there was a lot of going-to-places-you're-not-supposed-to then running and chasing and pretending nothing is going on in a different place. That was cool.

I don't even know how you feel thrilled while you're sleeping.

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