Thursday, December 6, 2012


When I was 12, Hafiz Khalid didn't seem like anyone special. Just someone I used to borrow a stapler from a lot. Then everyone started using Facebook and it seemed like you should just add everyone who requested you and there was Shinichi Kudo. Everyone started talking about him. He was the guy who kept asking for Vieana, the most popular girl in school's number. He asked everyone. He asked me once too. I thought it was annoying but I guess I never really thought of it much. It just kinda got stuck - Shinichi Kudo, the guy who never got Vie's number.

Today (or rather, yesterday) I had tuition and Ain asked me, "Elyna, ingat Hafiz Khalid tak? Your class masa standard 6 dulu."

"Hmm..." I had to think about it but after a few seconds I remembered. "Yea yea, yang botak tu kan? Kenapa?"

"Dia meninggal semalam."

People seem to die so easily these days. You buy a can of your favourite carbonated drink from a vending machine and forgot to wipe it and the next week you get diagnosed of leptospirosis (Google it guys, in Malay we call it penyakit kencing tikus which I think explains itself) and the week after you're on your death bed. Seems like no one can escape, including the people we never gave two glances to. 

I'm unsure how Allahyarham Hafiz died, Ain said something about anti-immune and not being able to eat a lot of things (apparently her source wasn't very clear himself) and that it was unavoidable. I started thinking how later we just grow up and suddenly hear news about our old classmates and what happened to them. It's kinda sad.

Al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Hafiz. He had a very useful stapler.

Pedihnya membaca luahan seorang ibu saudara... I'm just glad I didn't unfriend him.

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