Wednesday, December 5, 2012


#np Bubblewrap - McFly
yes it was from your tweet.

Have you ever listened to a song you've never heard of from someone you never bothered of and not really like the song but wonder how that person you got the song from in the first place was listening to this song.

Is she in her bed, pillow over her face, trying to get some sleep but can't keep her mind quiet?
Is she sitting with her legs folded, chin on her knees, her mind silent and just listening?
Or is she in front of the laptop doing something else and just using the song as a background?

I think I've mentioned this before but I wanna share music with the person I love. I wanna sit in bed, one earphone in my ear and the other in his. We won't say a thing.
I want us to sit on the cold tiles of my room, looking through my cupboards of old stuff and he'd ask questions and I'd reply, laughing while I reminisce at my memories. Then we'd go to his house and do the same.
I want him to look over my shoulder when I'm drawing something, asks if I want a mug of Milo and makes one for me.
I want to stare at his face when I wake up and he's still sleeping think about the days left for us to spend together.

I think this is my midnight mind calling. The bed is calling me. Goodnight.

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