Monday, December 31, 2012

MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2012.

Happy new year.

So since I'm feeling lazy tonight I'll be linking the performances. I didn't stream most of it, and when I did, it B.A.P and it lagged like hell so I quit. There was a channel that was uploading HD performances really quickly so I depended on that. Also this time I only watched performances of those I'm biased towards lol sorry. And I'll try to limit the amount of 'best performances' to less than 10 since I need some time to summarize 2012 later lol.

I came to the stream slightly late but I managed to catch SHINee and f(x)'s collab performance, which was really cute btw. The stream lagged a bit but I heard something of Taemin and Krystal nearly kissing or something idk you're gonna have to watch it yourself. If it's true, damn my fanfic predictions are quite accurate. But seriously though, I shipped these two ever since I knew the existence of f(x) okay. The pairings were quite accurate, except I think Key and Minho should switch because a) Minho and Sulli are technically okay together due to the drama b) it'll be a nice mix, a tomboy and a diva :3 Anyways, as expected, they performed well :D

Next was rice idiots and 3/4 sunbae-nims' performance. This was pre-recorded btw, and all the KBABYs were leaking out info last night lol. Everyone was dying on my timeline on Twitter while I just sat there, not really thinking anything except that Himchan and Yongguk should switch. I mean, I didn't find anything sexy about that other than Sunhwa grinding Daehyun like hell. He was so good looking though, and if he did get a boner like tlist claims, he controlled his face well enough because dammit why is he so good looking. The starting was really cute too, and I loved it because that's B.A.P style right there. Free and easy, joking around, no real complicated dance steps, the solos were free styled, and the group dance was coordinated. Totally loved it. I can't say much bout Secret's dance because I was staring at Hyosung's flat stomach. Lastly, yes Junhong touched Hyosung's thigh but there's already been a raging amount of Secret noonas X B.A.P maknae line fanfics out there, so what's the harm?

Next I wanna mention these incredible humans who stuck through the cold winter night to perform for us; EXO-K, BtoB and Secret. Well technically Secret I can't see it much but it was the same stage as the other two and they were wearing even less so I'm guessing they were freezing too. They did well, and you can see their beat red faces and chilled breathes. EXO did the unreleased version of MAMA (notice Baekhyun's adlib. That's the original version of the dance too). BtoB had a remix and gurl dancers lool. Secret did some solo dancing because Zinger wasn't around and I think that was a pity. But still, they did awesome and I applaud their sexiness bahah. I'm not a fan of sexy but well rice idiot sunbae's gotta do what they do best. 
(also did you watch the latest WGM episode? in all honestly I think Sunhwa was a bit inappropriate wearing that Santa girl dress in public. Mostly because I am so sure most Americans would be reminded of strippers if they saw someone wore that. I also think I watched too much movies. I also think Julien might've thought the same thing as I did.)

B1A4 and Infinite did awesomely too. B1A4 performed an acoustic version of Baby Goodnight and we all know how much I love acoustics and dammit Jinyoung why'd you have to be so perfect? First the keyboard, then the bass and now the guitar? Fuck it. Then they continued with Tried to Walk. I gotta admit, B1A4's choreography is getting better and better. They're one of those perfect groups, you know? Good rapping, great vocals, and now their dancing is awesome too. SHINee could've been a perfect group too, if only their 'rapper' wasn't technically just a face. But he does try, and he did improve, but original intentions do matter. 
Another perfect group is Infinite. Damn. I'll be stanning Infinite-H so hard. Both their rapping and singing are good. Then the rest of the members came out and L got like glitter in his hair sobs it's like, so angelic. They portrayed their vocal abilities and I'm not sure if Sungyeol really improved so much or her just practiced really hard for that one line in 60 Seconds. ANDD another remix of The Chaser. They're so good, seriously. /salute

YG did well too, but we all know they've all got talent. This is just them being awesome, as usual. I preferred 2NE1's collab with Lee Hi more than Big Bang's performance, mostly because they put girl power together and wow was it awesome. CL also rocked out during Big Bang's performance, and I think they showed YG family spirit in an easy less-than-ten-minute-performance unlike SM who had to show it by performing over and over again everywhere around the world except Malaysia. Okay biasedness coming out I shall shut it now.

Mini shout out to f(x) who had awesome fanboys screaming over them. Also DBSK because Fern probably misses them but idk you probably prefer DB5K. Still. They're still DongBangShinKi.
Btw while they were counting down for new year I saw some DBSK and EXO interaction lol Changmin said something and Chanyeol and Suho laughed. so cute.

Another group that I think did well, and also maybe I'm biased towards this genre, was rocker girls Sistar. Alone was supposed to be elegantly sexy, but they did it up and rocked it out and wow, they did it well. Soyou has an incredible rocker voice. And their vocals in a whole didn't lack at all. They were still sexy, and powerful as ever. Totally admire them. 

I left my favourite two groups for last. CNBLUE & B.A.P

CNBLUE, as usual, did another collab with FT Island. Brothers stay brothers forever. I'm not sure if the music was live, probably not, but it was still awesome and Jonghyun enjoyed the silent playing bahah. Their voices were beautiful. Also, congrats to Jonghyun bb for winning the award of Best New Star at the SBS Drama Awards. So proud of him :'3 Can't believe I was there when he first admitted he thought someone should concentrate on doing one thing well, but now he thinks people can be diverse and he wanted to try acting too, like Yonghwa. And now he did, and he got the same award Yonghwa did, I think back in 2010. So proud.
Anyway, I'll expect a three-band-some next year with AOA hoho. or maybe a Girl VS Boy thing. 

I'm always expectant from my rice idiots although I think I should really stop that because I'm getting disappointed every time. No, they didn't do bad. It's just that I wished they did more. Stay on that stage just another minute longer, do a bit more with those drums, let Daehyun break out into another screamo, whatever. They can rock that stage, but they never the time to do it enough.
Moving on the positive things, love the remix and dance in the end like sobs okay they are so good. Jongup's solo could've been slightly better, and honestly I kinda wish I saw something new from him. bb, I'm only saying this for your own good. They also put some good news to learning how to drum from Himchan! Good job. I'll be expecting more (didn't I just say I wouldn't).

And that ends my kpop talk of 2012. I expect I'll lose interest in 2013, but not completely. There probably won't be anymore of these on my blog though. What I can say is that, there will be a time when I'll lose interest in these Korean boys and so why not now? It's the best time honestly - I need to concentrate on SPM, which will determine my future. This industry had been a great experience for me to widen my perspective, and probably changed me forever but there are cons and limits and I'll put it to that limit now. We'll see. I think I mentioned it but I'm gonna try to concentrate on only groups I actually like, excluding my obvious top two, includes B1A4, Infinite, Block B. Exclusivity is a virtue, honestly.


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