Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My way of seeing it.

No one's perfect. That's true. But there's always this one thing that I don't like about Ika. And its her lack of appreciation towards Literature.

I'm posting this now because I know she just visited and I'm hoping she won't be visiting again until a few weeks and by then she's be too lazy to backtrack and read everything. It might sound accusing, like how much do I know just from knowing her and listening to her opinions? Well I know her opinions doesn't necessarily come from Literature. I'm not saying they're baseless neither - I agree with most of them and I know she's a good person and she really is but it pisses me off when she asked me "how did zelo die?" when I stated it out in the story at least once without shadowing it with pretty words. I think the line was "although it was ironic Junhong died because of it - loss of blood." I remember because I edited that part several times because I didn't want the usage of 'blood' in that line and the line before sound repetitive.

It also started pissing me off during finals and she said she read the Fruitcake Special but asked me questions about it like, did you read it or not? And when it comes to reading, especially for school work, you'll need to read and understand. I got that from Lit class honestly. Its okay if you're slow or if you have to read a few lines a couple of times to get it. You have to understand. That's the beauty of literature. The hidden meaning behind every chosen word to make that piece is so important, you wouldn't even understand how much it means to the writer. How much thought taken to choose the perfect word to describe something. Can't you understand?

I think this opinion of mine also somehow relates to AFF readers and LJ readers. I think I've mentioned on this blog how much more analytic LJ readers are compared to dA readers. AFF readers on the other hand go "OMGGG PLEASE UPDATE!!!1!!" 2 hours after the latest chapter was posted. Are you stupid? AFF has some good writers, a lot of wannabe writers who put in their description "sorry for bad English, not first languag" (then don't fckin write in English dammit write in your own language what a disgrace to those who call themselves writers srsly) then there's those romance novel geniuses who manages to make the probably most romantic yet impossible things happen between you and your bias.

I fcking hate those. I can never appreciate romantic shit its just impossible even with normal people. Those shit don't happen in real life. Fcking delusional. Sure, once in awhile daydreaming is fine, just for the fun of it but when every single story is about a few idols chasing over a girl OC (and like Twilight's 'OC', Bella, she's least described or described as average so that any reader can imagine themselves in that position) its just so annoying. No, okay? That's unfair. If everyone is different in this world, why does everyone have to like one single girl? Is there no other girl around them? If they like an average girl like you why not the next average girl?

It's also like that in the first few episodes of The Romantic & Idol. Everyone liked Jihyun when everyone else around is just as pretty and attractive. That's why I gave up on that show. The worst thing is, that's real. Its not a thought-up drama. Its reality, where eventually every guy will fall for that one person, and all the other girls have to suffer because of it.

/sigh that was a good ranting session. In the end, all I want is just a few friends to huddle in a room together with, holding a few books, all ready to read whatever is given to them, good or not, they will read earnestly and give the best comments to let the writer improve. I wish I could coop up a few versions of Nadhrah who has different opinions each, each with another good book to recommend me. Honestly if Naddo told me bout Pride & Prejudice at school I would ask her to bring the book the next day. I want to read it, I really do. Its just that I haven't given my full will to doing so yet. I'm sure if I get my hands on a copy I would read it honestly, just like The Hunger Games trilogy and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In my opinion, that's how everyone should treat literature.


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