Tuesday, December 18, 2012


"But I'm not going to stop fangirling, no. Why lessen the fangirl when next year's gonna be such a fangirl year for me? Maybe I'll soften the occasional screaming and the feeling of waiting for fandom moments to come. But it doesn't mean I'll stop watching or reading what I love cause of SPM. Next year's SPM and you feel like lessening your time on play and focus more on studies. But I don't think you should, in my opinion. You're stressed from studying, from sports, from school, then you come home and do your homework and study some more. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There's always time for things you enjoy. Tumblr, writing, drawing, sports, dancing, listening to music, whatever. No one can be cooped up studying forever. It's unhealthy. We have to be balanced. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds. "

Yes, it's not as easy as it sounds, not when I've regretted most of my decisions about school this year. I've regretted those classes where I try to listen for the first ten minutes then think "I can't do this anymore" and hide my face in my arms on the table and later that night I'll be on Twitter procrastinating again until late night and repeat above steps until I learn nothing.

This year, I want to finish my homework before school ends, read up what I learned that day before night time, and sleep at 10. Then the next day I can start fresh, brain ready absorb whatever the teacher has got to give me. I won't eat fish heads anymore, or too much oily food, or water with ants in them, and I have to avoid in all causes, looking back at my faeces (apparently that makes you slightly stupider. I don't see the logic in it but that's what I did in form 3 so I guess it works). I will also delete apps like Twitter, Blogger and Instagram (apparently those are the only distracting apps I have anyway) so that I won't get stuck on my phone, typing away my thoughts and such. My dad will be taking away the laptop so I'll use it only on Saturdays. if I was busy on Saturday THEN I'll use it on Sunday. or if I have an assignment. If I misused it when I was supposed to do my homework then I will punish myself by not use it during the weekends.

I will still Tumblr, I guess, if I can. I can still check updates on B.A.P on itsbap, and CNBLUE through CNBLUESTORM newsletters on my e-mail. But I'm devoting 2013 to those two groups. and WGM. I mean it's only an hour per week so I guess it's not bad. and School 2013 because well like Nadhrah (and everyone else) said, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I'll be taking tuition classes at Andrew Choo too, because it seemed to help Ika and me during PMR and UPSR years so I'll just trust him. I'll still write, when I feel like it or if I find inspiration to. I'll only edit videos during holidays (and I'm limiting it to a video per holiday because I should probably spend those hours studying) what else?

I also have to concentrate on my piano (somehow this makes me feel like cutting off even more of my leisure activities but I won't) so yay more things to do. I still haven't finished those books I bought from Scholastic congratulations Elyna you've succeeded in life.
oh well I'm procrastinating again so later.
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