Saturday, December 29, 2012

SBS Gayo Daejun 2012.

Looks like my fourth last post in 2012 is still gonna be about kpop lol. Probably the third last too; for MBC Gayo Daejejun. I couldn't watch KBS's Gayo Daejun so I can't review it much, but based on resources they said SBS is better than KBS's. I only watched CNBLUE cuts and yea, it did look quite bad actually lol. But it's okay.

One thing, these three channels should be happy Mnet doesn't do Gayo Daejuns lol. But then, they probably are in higher standards than Gayo Daejun's. Their standards are more international; KCon, music awards in other countries. They'd probably beat all three to it. But I'm guessing MBC is like, superior compared to the other two too since they got the 31st and theirs is the longest, I think? I'd die because SBS's is already five hours so I have no idea how I'll survive MBC's. Would probably just wait for rice idiots then leave. 

Stupid thing is, B.A.P were one of the last performers today. What if that happens on MBC too...

Okay so I sort of skipped out red carpet since I found out I missed B.A.P and the stream was quite bad I decided to just wait for the real thing. And I even managed to watch from the very beginning yay! SHINee's opening was quite good; different. I heard on KBS's Onew and Key switched parts. On SBS's, they defied gravity.

Oh, another thing I like about Gayo Daejun's is that they always have remixes. That's why I was so disappointed with MAMA, I think, because I was expecting something epic like these but oh well. Close enough. Secret was after that but I didn't really watch my stream, tbh lol. They were laggy and it would just be a headache. Honestly, it didn't have much umph, Secret's performance. I think it was because Zinger wasn't there and to me, she sort of gave the power to Secret. now it's all sexy-soft-sexy-sexy-soft.

I can't remember who performed first, but CNBLUE & FTIsland's collab and CL's collab with this other person were awesome too! CL's vocals were, wow. Amazing. and tbh FNC brother's performance was kinda laggy on my laptop so I couldn't get a good sound, but who wouldn't love a band battle, seriously?

Teen Top tried to be a bit hip hop today with some break dancing but I don't think they practiced much heu. Still, they tried. And To You is super catchy and Changjo is really cute so.

Wasn't much until part 2, where the hip hop began and damn, I was just like bajdbcdb they are so fucking epic. Honestly they were dripping with swag.

Then Infinite performed and wow, the orchestra remix was just jfns. Although I watched their KBS performance and I kinda preferred that one but oh well. Infinite deserves loves.

CNBLUE's Hey You performance was okay. Nothing out of the ordinary. Plus it wasn't even live so I can't say much.

((btw another disappointment for KBS was the idol band thingy. a) THEY DIDN'T PICK ANYONE FROM FT ISLAND HOW COULD THEY b) they had two SHINee members and two 2AM members like what no that's completely unnecessary.  but I'm completely biased towards Jinyoung because omg, Jinyoung can play the bass?? HOW MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE CAN THAT GUY GET SERIOUSLY dayum. ok that's it)) ((a band with eight members what were you thinking KBS?? ))

moving on. The MCs were talking about the coming up performances and they mentioned SM and I groaned. You guys know why. But hey, they're still really good dancers and although this was pre-recorded three days back and mimed, it's still worth the watch.

Oh, and they're gonna release Spectrum tomorrow. wowwie.
But honestly SM, SM the Performance? oh wow what an awesome name -___-

A few moments after this I was mostly just expecting B.A.P because wow, they're late. and I didn't mention EXO because their performance were cut off a lot, and they were saying Chen sang in Korean so I'm guessing that's the only highlight so.

So I looked through the video list and there wasn't anything more interesting so I'll skip through to rice idiots. The opening was epic, I fucking love the fight for freedom shout because well, Fight for Freedom is one of my favourite songs really. it's just so awesome and if they really performed it I think I would've been dead by now. But they didn't.
Still, they took off their golden robes and fuck, they were all wearing sleeveless shirt and like leather thingies. Armpits, armpits everywhere. They performed Warrior, as expected, and they twisted the arrangement a bit so that they'll end it with the dance break and omg I think I cried. no not really, more like the fangirl sobbing with no tears type of crying. I was never impressed with Jongup's dancing. I only get impressed the first time than after that it's only vanity like "yeap that's my boy" type of feeling.
And then, they killed all of us with the ending. Enjoy.

Lastly, about the Colors of KPOP, I'm not really fond of any of the songs, although if I had to pick my favourite would be Dynamic Black. If their song was more catchy than sad, I would've loved theirs. For the girls I'm more biased toward Dazzling Red. mostly because I preferred the song. but I'll just link to you guys their performances; I think I posted too many videos in one post here.

Dazzling Red Mystic White Dynamic Black Dramatic Blue 

So, goodnight.

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