Monday, December 24, 2012


Small update.

So I've been longlisted for Starstruck here (hurrah) but tbh I won't be very happy about it until I know how many applied exactly hahaha yeaa... I'm grateful, of course, but there's still about 70 other applicants to beat out until I'm actually in for the real deal. Still haven't told anyone in my family but I will.

As stated on the link above, I'm required to make a graphic of an acronym made out of my name about my qualities. No word that starts with E, L, Y, N, A that defines 'honest' or 'frank' or 'straight forward' lol. I was considering 'earnest' but I looked it up and thought about it and it could also mean sincere and I'm not very sincere in everything I do. Xueh Wei best skip out on this part, if we're gonna be competitors haha.

Here's what I've gotten so far:

I tried to be original, I really did. But Y had 18 adjectives to them lol. Also, the graphical quality isn't the best there is out there. I tried picking out something from my 'japan' tag on Tumblr and I didn't wanna choose those flower pictures because it seemed unoriginal and typical. Then I had a hard time trying to pick out a font /sigh. Ended up with this one because I think it suits the picture. I think. Whaddaya think? Any suggestions for 'Y'?

Also I have no idea how Xueh Wei's gonna pick out for 'X' hahahha and saw that Reyshmi made it too. I wonder what she picked out for her 'Y' ouo

And I posted the second part or WMBK on dA, TSU, AFF and LJ. Except, LJ has some technical difficulties so note to self; remember to post on bapwarriors community. Sigh. Tiring night. Didn't even get to finish watching WGM. And someone on Twitter just spoiled ep7 of School 2013 for me /sigh tomorrow's ep8. Can't wait for the subs.
P.S, #np Tunnel Song
P.P.S, might be going for back2back movies with some of the girls this week yay.

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