Saturday, December 29, 2012

talk that.

I wonder if there is anyone on this earth who never did shit and never felt guilty about it. Like, they never felt "oh I haven't done that homework yet" or "I haven't did that chore mom told me to do" and just thinks "let me waste my life, it's my life after all". It would be so nice to be such a person, although such a nuisance to others.


Yongguk stated that he would write more love song next year since this year he wrote a lot of lyrics which criticize the society.

(via : BAP_Intl)

I'm a bit disappointed tbh. One of the reasons I loved B.A.P was because they were different. Yes, they criticized the society, but isn't the society to be criticized?
Bang Yongguk-sshi, please don't change for the sake of the public. Where's Soul Connection when you need them? Soul Connection, please give some advice to your dear maknae. He needs them. He needs to be brought back to Jepp Blackman.

The song that I put into the mix CD consisted of a few society-mocking songs, and I was hoping that it would inspire him. Maybe I should've written the letter to all of B.A.P, then I could tell Yongguk how much I love his music and what he wrote because then maybe it could've made him realize that he didn't have to change for the sake of others - people loved B.A.P as they were. Those blonde, badass guys were awesome. Why change?

Sure, it's not wrong to write love songs. It's just that I feel that there's enough love songs in B.A.P's albums these days. Warrior and Power only had one each. No Mercy had three out of five. then the repackage added another two. then Hajima had two love songs out of three, and one of them is the title track even!
I've never been really fond of love songs because some of them tend to be a) repetitive ie. giving the same message over and over again, either of loss or of young love; or b) unrealistic love that only happens in fairy tales and aren't worth singing about (only worth to be read tbh idk i'm just so both sided I can't even).

Therefore, I have no idea how to end this.


Last night I went to my cousin's wedding at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. It was fun, because I got along with my cousins like finally. They did my make up and hopefully it wasn't too obvious since I never wear make up other than lipgloss. There was a string quartet and the cello-ist was so cute. He wore a light green baju Melayu and had kinda long hair. I told my cousins and they were like "dah agak dah taste Elyna sume rupe macam orang Korea je" I laughed. yeaaa probably. got a shaky picture with them later but omg :)) huge fan of musicians tbh, plus they were all Malay so it kinda made me proud cuz, let's admit it, you don't see talented Malay musicians everywhere, most of them are Chinese. not to be racist but it's the truth. Indians pun usually is more of the higher class ones. wow this is starting to sound very racist. anyway I've never seen a Malay guy cello-ist so when they performed Viva la Vida I fell in love even more <3 p="p" talent="talent" the="the" with="with">
so the food was nice too. we were PRESENTED our food haha hotels. the rice was placed for us, and the butter prawns were hot, then they gave us dessert which was ice cream cake and it was delicious. it wasn't too filling, but I wasn't starving neither. just nice. after everyone left my relatives went crazy and we were taking pictures like there was no tomorrow. I'll upload them on Facebook since my cousins were all "tag facebook tag facebook!" so yea. slept at the hotel that night and got back this morning.

I'll blog about rice idiot's performance on SBS Gayo Daejun tomorrow, when there's a HD link to it. Usually there is, but it takes time. Hopefully SBS won't put it down before I get my hands on them.

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