Sunday, December 30, 2012

that familiar story.


"Do you like me better now?"

"You're better now than before."

Sunhwa kept finding reasons to dislike Himchan. He was so into the things he was doing. They were never anything official, but Sunhwa did like him and somehow, she feels that Himchan was attracted to her too, even if the slightest bit. She restrained herself from getting attached, but there were things that she wanted to share with him. Things her girlfriends wouldn't understand. She didn't have a lot of guy friends - even if guys did trail after her, she often dismissed them due to lack of interest. Himchan was different though. They were a group of friends, but as that group of friends started to disperse, the two stayed in contact.

"Why are you angry at him now?" groaned Jieun through the phone, checking her dark red nails. The edge of her index finger's nail was slightly chipped. It's been awhile; maybe it's time to visit the nailshop.

"I left him a message about my assignment on Facebook but he hasn't replied!" Sunhwa stomped around in her room as she talked loudly into the receiver, her right hand on her hips, her long red hair bouncing on her back. "I really need an opinion, since it's an advertising project and it's due soon! That son of a bastard."

"Why don't you ask me?" Jieun replied.

"I already had female opinions!" Sunhwa told, frowning, finding an excuse. "I needed a male one."

"Why don't you call him then," Jieun said, trying to solve the problem as fast as possible, not needing more drama in her life.

"I can't call him..." Sunhwa trailed.

"Why not?"

"It's embarrassing. Like, I need him or something."

"But you kinda do right now."

There was silence from the other side of the phone. 

"Hello?" Jieun called. "Sunhwa, you there?"

"It's okay. I don't need his fucking opinion. That little shit."

Sunhwa knew that the only reason she threw around insults at Himchan was because she didn't want to believe that he did nothing wrong. 

Two years ago, Himchan was that idiot she hated so much. He trailed her everywhere, disturbing her and texting her about how much she means to him. Sunhwa hated it and when she changed her number, she never told the naive boy. He thought it was love - and he wanted it so bad. After two years, the two grew more mature and found each other on Facebook. Somehow, they found laughter in their conversations and Sunhwa would like to think they had something special. 

But Himchan had a life now. He knew the difference between love and lust. And while Sunhwa was silly enough to fall for that idiot who made her life burdensome two years ago, Himchan probably never thought much about her. 

"I don't like him," Sunhwa told herself. "I really don't. Not in that way. Himchan's an idiot."

And so he was. Soon he made Sunhwa angry enough to have blocked the innocent boy. One day he wanted to comment on Sunhwa's status, only to realize that he was blocked. He didn't understand why. But he decided that it should probably go both ways.

"I don't understand what's going on, but you obviously don't want anything to do with me anymore," Himchan muttered to himself as he went to Sunhwa's profile and looked for that 'unfriend' button. When he found it, he mercilessly clicked it without a second thought.

That's the story of what has happened, and what's to come, is probably the Sunhwa being the victim, still lost in thoughts of what ever happened to that boy she met through her friends, hated, liked, and decided to hate again. On the other hand, Himchan would live a normal life without ever thinking about Sunhwa ever again - she was the past, and there are plenty other girls out there for him to like. The loss of Sunhwa was just a save of things to think about in his life.

Fuck this shit.

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