Thursday, December 27, 2012

the rice idiots.

Gonna post this instead of Everything is Pretty because that thing is too fcking pretty I can't even

So I did a lot of spamming on Facebook and Twitter and YAY it reached 95 likes :D It'll be a miracle if it reached a hundred by tomorrow I honestly have no one else to spam.
Okay I take that back just spammed another batch of people and YES finally got 100+ likes :'D

Honestly I don't like spamming people I barely talk to, but people are always nice, somehow idk it's weird in real life they don't give you two shits but online they're just like "yea! sure! alright! no prob!"
Anyway there were people on Twitter that were nice, like three unnies wished me good luck and this tweet popular girl offered promoting it (I guess she knew she's tweet popular lol). then there was Ayuni who sent best wishes from Nilai, then Nabihah said Guppie would be proud of it ; ; I think all the rice idiots stans knew it was Jongup lol.

I counted how many people had over 100 likes and there were 30. so far 53 people out of 160 had submitted it. I have to beat out only 70 people, which is less than half so I don't have to be too worried. I guess. If I didn't get chosen then I can cheer myself up by remembering that I was one of the 160 people chosen for Stage 2!! Which is like, the top 5 classes in my batch! I'm like, not in the last classes!
Just imagine if there was a writing school and every batch had 200 people and 8 classes it means that I'd be in the top 5 classes get it okay wow Elyna such an achievement there

did I just do unnecessary calculation lol
Hey I was supposed to be here for a different reason.

I feel like all my blogging abilities has vanished in the air. I wanted to talk about my mom. When she was 42, she opened up a law firm. Now at the age of 54, turning 55 next year, she has decided to close down the firm and work on advising at home.

"I can't do it anymore, you know," she told me at dinner today. "It eats you up."

Then she went on about how a few of her other lawyer friends who's only in their 40's and have decided to close down their firms too. We did a little bit of calculating and decided that the average year of working for yourself is 12 years. It'll then reach it's climate - where things go wrong and you won't have the patience to handle it anymore. You're tired of those repetitive mistakes and the new staff that keeps making them their first month and their silly problems and the clients who never appreciate the work you do and question you as a lawyer when they hired you themselves. It's tiring, and it's not suiting for a fifty year old lady. Not when even 40 year olds can't handle it.

I think this year was the toughest for her. She used up a lot of money for umrah and the Aussie trip and renovating the house. When problems with my brothers started happening and fines had to be paid she said it was a punishment. She said Allah SWT is telling her she spent too much - she was too proud. It was the typical time for everyone to go shopping for raya and she wasn't in her best condition. It really felt bad to see my mom like that.

I was starting to get into the details and I wouldn't like that exposed to the public lol. So um, 12 years, right? That was the average amount of time for someone to work hard on something to survive.
I have schooled for ten years. Next year, it'll be eleven. Mom survived more than that. Why can't I?

Went to buy books the other day and I realized it's my final year at Sri Aman. It's finally gonna end. It's a mixed feeling thing, as usual. Still haven't bought stationery. Planning to not buy school clothes. That's another upside. My parents will save so much more money on me because I won't have to buy stupidly expensive uniforms anymore. Honestly I don't know what to expect - if I saw thirty bucks is expensive for a kain, what about fifty bucks for a pair of shoes? No one can ever be satisfied. Smart Holiday is a horror - it's empty except for Sejarah, which I did with the girls the other day. I have to practice piano - three weeks worth of practice - but I have to go to Concord Hotel the WHOLE DAY tomorrow for my cousin's wedding cry I completely forgot. My piano homework is also not done meaning I am fucking dead meat education wise.

My main point was supposed to be me motivating myself; come on Elyna, mom survived more than you! You can do this! Just one more year! But I went on with what I don't even understand myself. Maybe I should delete it...
I just did. Well then.

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