Saturday, December 22, 2012

the states.

I heard this song about two years ago, I think, and I've always contemplated whether I should have this song in my playlists because it's good but it's a Christmas song. So I decided I should probably just listen to this every time the jolly season comes along lol. Doesn't feel very festive here though. I can imagine when my family was in the states they'd be invited to Christmas parties by their neighbours and having some food where they would tell them "Oh you shouldn't eat this, it's not halal. But I prepared some halal food for you guys!"

My mom told me they did that because those aren't the average class Caucasians. they're more of the lower class people. They lived in that type of area anyway, since my dad was a student so that was what the government could budget for us. It was good enough. They call it apartments but they were brick buildings the size of my whole first floor. (which is quite big tbh for an apartment) Plus it was a good area where we could get halal meat because Arabs lived around the same area and there was a halal butcher shop there.

I didn't remember anything, but it feels like I do, because my mom always tell me all these stories and I'm always so fascinated. Because they were there, they survived, and my dad studied well. I wanna be there too, one day. I want to bring my family back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and listen to my mom and dad and eldest brother tell stories about how they lived. My second brother experience education there too, but he was only 4/5 so he remembers little. I'm most envious of my eldest brother, who experienced both middle school and high school there (14/15). His school wasn't exactly those high schools you'd see in those typical American movie, rather if you've watched those movies about African-Americans who can't even afford their books, yea it was more like that. But the environment wasn't all bad. The government made sure of it.

My brothers might not speak as much English as I do, but their parents are my parents, so their English are just as good as mine, and a teacher from my brother's high school told him before taking the entrance exam to purposely do averagely on the paper, because if he did well he'd be trapped with stuck-up Caucasians. It was funny, but well it's better too because his friends (some were Indonesians, some were African-Americans, but he did have Malay friends because they all lived in the same neighbourhood, the Malaysian students with families) weren't that well versed in English so they ended up in the same class.

It's a lot different here, every where.

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