Thursday, December 13, 2012

we must be killers p4.

The next day, Junhong wasn't greeted with the usual "Hey killer" when he entered the school building. Instead, just as he was about to pass the ground floor washroom, a boy was pushed out, his whole head soaked, liquid dripping from the ends of his hair. He looked up and met Junhong's eyes. Jongup.

Everyone around laughed at the boy who's head got dunked into a toilet bowl. Jongup wasn't able to do anything before a tall boy from the washroom pushed him hard enough for him to land on the lockers by the sides of the hallway. The tall boy - a footballer, proud in his varsity, probably sophmore year - took notice of the killer's presence and sneered.

"Look who's here to save his boyfriend," he mocked. Junhong's eyes ran from the footballer to Jongup to the people around to the floor. For the first time, he felt flustered. Maybe it was the fact that someone else was involved, someone he cared about. And it was all his fault.

The footballer pulled Junhong by the collar and threw him next to Jongup. "You guys look good together," he told. Jongup tried to stand up, a strong will to go against the bully still burning in him. He didn't let it burn. He washed off the flame with a punch across Jongup's cheek, his head hitting a lock. He placed his hand on the injured area, feeling a warm liquid gush out.

"Gays!" "They should kiss!" "Hey, I'll vote for you guys as Prom Gay Princes! Not!" they laughed and sneered. The footballer came to push the two's lips together, but they held strong. Soon, a teacher came out to see what all the ruckus was about, and the footballer managed to knock the two by the foreheads before walking away, as if nothing happened.

Seeing that the hallway silenced and everyone had rushed to their hallrooms, the teacher retreated back to his room. The two stood up and went to their respective hallrooms without a word. They knew things were going to get worse.

And it did. Jongup's cut needed five stitches. His friends started islonating him; moving tables whenever he came to theirs at recess, pretending he didn't ask for the answer of that equation in Algebra. And Junhong's nicknames grew from 'killer' to 'fag'. Other than that, the bullyings were just as bad as they had been.

"First, you kill. Then you become a homo. What a waste of life."

Then take it. Please. These words ran through Junhong's mind every time those boys came to him and grabbed him at the strands of hair on top of his head, but he never spoke them. He never said what was in his mind, even before, but this time he had a reason not to. He can't die. If he died, Jongup would be alone.

They tried to not see each other, or else the bullyings would be worse. Jongup rarely gets bullied, just left to suffer the glares and whispers whenever he walked by alone. They wouldn't meet at the back gate, instead whoever came earlier would just walk first, slowly, hoping the other would catch up when they were at a safe radius away from school. Whenever they see each other, they would smile. They couldn't smile any other time of the day, and the only time they were happy was when they had each other. So wordless, they would walk home together until they reach the cross road, smiling, waving goodbye, hoping they would be stronger for tomorrow. At least Junhong wasn't alone anymore. Even if it hurt him, at least he had Jongup.

"Hey, you free tonight?" Jongup asked one day.

"Naah, I gotta clip my nails then I have a date with my bed," Junhong replied, the sarcasm hidden well.

"Funny," Jongup smiled. Junhong laughed at his own humour. "Dude, seriously. Come over tonight. Wanna show you something."

Junhong rarely goes over to Jongup's house. Never at night. Although it wasn't hard for him to sneak out - he always went out for a walk before he met Jongup, muttering depressing cursings to himself - he was still considering whether he really wanted to.

"Just... don't do anything to me," Junhong told. Jongup laughed.

"Beware, I'm gonna kill the killer in his sleep," Jongup sneered. Junhong didn't mean it that way, but he thought better than to tell the elder what he was actually thinking about. They reached the cross section and Jongup waved slightly.

"See you tonight, fag."

"Later, homo!"


You know what's annoying? Typing in code language. Manually.
The song above is loves okay. Trying to find track #18 for the mix CD but my taste in music is so depressing I'm pulling myself down, even when there's nothing to be depressed about. Sigh idek.

Anyway, the next part needs a bit of research and since I have no idea myself how I'm gonna write beware of getting a headache as you read it. Gonna take some time, but I'm glad this is finally ending. Need to concentrate on finishing the gifts for Jongup and send it by next week. I'm just scared he won't be able to get it by GDA.

So yeah. Hope its okay.

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