Friday, January 18, 2013

Burden released.

Am I the only one who feels like, in form 5, everyone is so close with each other without much boundaries?
I never thought after what happened I would ever hug Shahira and tell her I love her. Although it was meant to be a joke I really do love and care about her just as much as the rest of Hubble. It just feels like ever since that thing happened I felt scared to express it.
But today, I somewhat feel like I just released a burden.

It's not just Shahira too. With the absence of SPM stress, something about how everyone is and how everyone reacts to everything feels much lighter. It feels like form 1 & 2 again - except we know each other much more now.

What sucks about school is that after all the stress, it's all over. No more free time to just hang out and talk with our friends and fool around. If we just get that amount of time like we did after PMR, thinking bout school right now would feel much better.

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