Wednesday, January 2, 2013

day one - over.

I won't say it's bad but it was tiring. I'm just glad I'm finally getting started on the last year of school.

Lol I'm listening to Naddo's mix CD and the line that was just sung was "there's nothing left for us" which somehow fits the statement above.

I don't like where I'm sitting in class because it's so hot but I guess it's okay. As long as it's not at the back. So far asking questions hadn't been a problem, other than in the bio lab but teacher said we'll change it later. Also, I volunteered as English representitive again. If the teacher's Puan Puteri. Well. It'll be for the fifth year straight.

I like Naddo's mix so far, and I'm planning to start collecting songs to make a mix for her too. Maybe I should start making for others too. It's fun, and I like the thought of telling my children about how I made mix CD's for my friends and we shared music together like we would sneak the CD around cuz it was an illegal item. And guess who was the first person I made a mix for?

My classmates are okay, I guess. Most of them are the nicer ones - the ones I never had a bad impression of. I can say I can get along with Amirah and Naquiah, but it's fine if I don't cuz Ili and Ika are right in front of me. I slept in Agama only and I don't think ustazah particularly cared. Nadhrah tried pinching my wrists but I don't think it was hard enough. Had enough sleep to get me going for the rest of the day without it lol.

Pn. Komathi seems nice and I would love her as my maths teacher but apparently she's gonna do her PhD so. :( Pn. Evelyn reminded us about how much closer we are to SPM and should start revising form 4 now and it sort of made me feel bad. I kinda didn't really study much for physics last year so there won't be much for me to revise - more like things to relearn.

Lol there's English tomorrow so I'm nervous to know who it is. I gotta keep up with my piano lessons too but according to Ika there's tuition tomorrow so I have no idea when I'll have time to practice. According to my plan a few weeks back, so far so good. I've finished most of my homework at school, and I'm planning to revise physics tonight. Note to self; need to buy past year questions.

Sigh. This year's gonna be tough. Wonder what the Jap students are taking for clubs. I have art in mind, but I still don't know bout sports. Heard that koku registration is next week. Well might as well do something useful for the long Wednesdays.

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