Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the scientist.

I... I went to Paradigm the other day (wow its cold) and I passed by a Vans shop and saw some caps there so I think I'm gonna buy another cap for Guppie.
Nabihah told Ika that there might be another MOA later this year but since it's a mix artist I'm not planning to go. Instead I'm prepping myself for a CNBLUE concert since FNC's CEO apparently now knows Malaysia's existence.
I'll send the cap with another mix. I'm starting to collect songs for the mix already. I'll give Naddo's mix once I'm done doing the cover (which I feel like is taking forever. This is harder than B.A.P's mix since Naddo's an artist herself so she must have expectations) and burning the CD. The songs are all ready but T T
I've done my collab part for that collab I was forced into (tbh I don't think she likes it very much but well it was forced). My current project is for B.A.P's anniversary. Also I'm still in the process of editing the music for Jongup's birthday video. Using Bullettrain by I can't remember who. I'll post up the collab I'm hosting after Jongup's present is settled. Having a hard time trying to find time to do all this with school going on but I'll try.
Was wondering. My head's not really on GDA or anything. My head's not entirely on school neither. I think of these little projects but I never work on them (tbh I'm just tired tonight from all the depression). I found a lot of inspiration but still collecting them and I'll write something when I think up something really good. My family's not really in a big ruckus or anything.
So where is my head really? I feel like my thoughts are a bit lost. Wanted to say 'floating off somewhere' but I actually feel kinda heavy. So idk. I just feel lost.

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