Sunday, January 6, 2013

in comparison.

So hopefully I can express this quickly because I still have some homework left to do and well how did the weekends pass by so quickly.
I was looking for material for the English board in my class so first place I went to was stuffatschool. Apparently since I signed up for Starstruck I've been quite the loyal reader. Then I came across this article about an internship or of some sorts and so I decided it was about last year's Starstruck and wanted to read what I missed out on. Then I found out Neda, a childhood friend of mine, was the writer.

See I kinda discovered that she was involved with Stuff@School since the article about how to pass through Stage 2 included an example photo of what they wanted and the name was 'NEDA' I sort of got a clue. Wasn't sure if it was her or one of her sisters though. Then during my cousin's wedding, we had to hire an emergency MC and the woman was my mom's friend who lived around the neighbourhood. Apparently, she was a teacher from Assunta. there's a funny story of how she 'despised' Sri Aman but let's leave that for some other post. I asked her about Neda, and yes, apparently she was involved and apparently she was also the vice head prefect in her school. Kind of expected it from Neda.

So I read the article and while it wasn't amazingly written, it was there and she experienced it and she's known and I'm not. See, I've always known Neda was capable of big things, and of course I wasn't surprised she would be picked to get an internship here but see, I'm starting to think maybe journalism just isn't for me.

I already wrote my essay for English and the topic was supposed to be "My Dream and My Plans to Achieve It" or of some sorts and I already wrote there how I'll be going through not what I'm really interested in but I'll do it anyway if that's what I have to do to become a writer. It's just that. Even though I know my lack of interest or talent in it and I'm only using it to get what I actually want... I just wonder.

Anyone can write. But to have a profession? I don't think I can have that. Why? Because I don't have a certain interest. An interest that can be made into a living and something to be known for.
I can easily become some biotech scientist but will I like it? Is it my interest? It's interesting but I don't wanna live my whole life working in a lab.

I said I would be quick with this so I'll just end this here. /sigh so much for weekend break. I barely got to watch the latest School 2013 episode. I'm not sure if I'll be watching WGM. School 2013 just brings out the angst in me btw. Trying to get a different genre but dammit. Angst is just so good.

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