Sunday, January 20, 2013

me being delusional again.

so EXO made a cover of H.O.T's We Are The Future in GDA. They also did their Warrior's Descendants in MAMA.

B.A.P made a cover of both far before MAMA. I just being delusional or does it seem a lot like SM is trying to say "no matter how well you did just know that we OWN the song and we have rookies too so they'll probably be much more outstanding performing it since it's their sunbaes, not yours."

another delusional opinion, f(x) didn't win best female rookie in MAMA 2009. neither did Secret but they both debuted that year. the repetition of rivalry history between SM and TS??
Yup I'm definitely delusional.

let me just satisfy my delusions ok

Warrior's Descendants



We Are The Future


(just the beginning, after the lights off is a diff song)


It's a bit hard to say anything since they did different parts of the songs and their dances were different and modified slightly too (mostly EXO since they have the right to do so lol). But man do I wanna see a dance battle between these two. It would be so fcking awesome and I'd have a huge review for it (like the B.A.P and BtoB one, minus the fact that they did covers). But I bet none of you wanna hear me crapping on bout this type of things again lol

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