Thursday, January 24, 2013

not-so-sad life update.

I feel bad
cuz I blog too much depressing stuff /dies

so I went to school to paint our class today and laugh I'm sorry bout the WA Fern I really thought a lot of people were considering to come on a holiday to decorate their class but apparently not many (form 5's only include SA&SB) was willing to do that. Not even most of our classmates, actually. the amount of people who came from SA&SB added up wouldn't even amount to a whole class.
but well felt good helping out (my classmates better feel guilty for not coming I mean our class looks so neat now) (exclude the tables; or at least how it looked like when I left) . when I left I had paint all over my hands, and the brown one was especially hard to take off. I remember painting on Tuesday and that paint when off with water but not the brown one. when I got back home, I couldn't find thinner Abang told me to try cooking oil. the paint somewhat moved around, but it would've taken ages to completely clean it. I dragged myself to mom and dad and Bakmal and complained bout how miserable I feel because I can't do anything since my hands are so sticky that when it sticks together and I try to separate them it stings like hell and I couldn't even take off my tudung without worrying bout staining it. mom suggested minyak tanah (kerosene) and I'm like "...we don't even have thinner, how are we supposed to have minyak tanah?" so finally dad pitied me and told Bakmal to go buy thinner for me. contributed two bucks.

mom called me handicapped and Bakmal told me he got me medicine to heal myself with. very creative of them.
but yea, the thinner worked! although it wasn't that clean when I finished up after a shower it's all gone now; as if I never even did anything today.

Yesterday was Umar's 3rd birthday and although we already went to Pizza Hut to somewhat celebrate Abang decided to cook for lunch today and someone bought cake. apparently when I got home I could only stare at all the food although I was super hungry cuz my hands... T T Abang made honey chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, fajitas and some mushroom-onion mix that we were supposed to eat with the fajitas. also, what Bakmal calls 'tempura sausages' but in reality was just sausages fried with flour. everything was so unhealthy; not a single piece of vegetable lol. well except it you count onions but even those were fried. but it was really good and Umar got a train set from dad and he's super obsessed and emotionally attached to it. seriously.

school had been hectic. current homework to finish; mod maths mind map (smart holiday from last year. apparently Puan Chan made it compulsory if you wanna get 5 marks for formative. can't risk anything right? but well kinda regret not copying from the girls around me earlier in the year lol), chemistry PEKA, Physics PEKA and exercise, add maths homework, BM tatabahasa and bio module. and I didn't make Youngjae a birthday video yay.
Dad wants to go back to Johor but I'm always having tuition. I keep telling them they can go without me and Bakmal, but I guess they need Bakmal in case they get tired of driving and they're never getting the right time when Abang is free to stay at home with me. I don't wanna skip tuition. firstly, we paid for it and second, I really can't risk anything. not this year.


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