Thursday, January 31, 2013


Turn on HD if you want a clearer view of the lyrics. As my bio and chemistry (and sometimes physics) tuition teacher, Ramesh says, "Don't strain your eyes; they're very precious."

well I'm a mix of upset and sad and overwhelmed all at the same time.
firstly, story update; it's progressing. haha. I'll try to post it by Saturday.

secondly, about the song. apparently Yongguk made a Tumblr and the first thing he posted was this song. I was excited at first that he's doing this because well, this is the type of music he wanted to make and share with people. this is his thoughts, and he's finally sharing it with his fans all over the world. but then I got slightly sad when I realized that he's probably posting it here, on Tumblr because these songs would never be approved by the company to be produced into their albums. because reality is, he can't reach to the world through KPOP alone. in the end, he has to do things the way society wants him to. wow I really hate netizens right now.
I'm guessing he chose Tumblr because (a) it's more popular than Soundcloud although Soundcloud is probably the best place to share music (b) Twitter can't post songs (c) Instragram neither (d) YouTube is technically a video sharing website so he has to make an actual video to compliment his songs. No I'm not scared about all those Tumblr things reaching him because even without him signing up he could've gotten Tumblr links. the difference is now he can actually respond.
other than that, I'm also seeing similarities of Zico going on with Yongguk. Zico produced underground songs, and I hope even after this money case thingy ends he'll continue producing music no matter what happens (although of course I wish Block B the best and want them to stay together but things do happen).

thirdly, I'm so fcking upset with some Exotits. Today was the Seoul Music Awards and six rookie groups won the rookie award. I'm not sure who, but I know two of them were EXO and B.A.P. I had no opinion on this - in fact I didn't know there were so many winners to begin with. I only knew B.A.P won and I didn't even bother to watch the awards video (not that I'd detect anything wrong with it other than how short the acceptance speech was and that was probably due to shortage of time to give off all the awards). then I saw tweets of BABYs shuddering off Exotits' comments. here's one;


Believe it or not, an EXO stan herself posted this. her comment was "so u mean BAP's comebacks are just pointless?" and well in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with that statement. It's true; B.A.P's hard work was a bit pitiful, since what they were aiming was to beat out a rookie group that was made to be successful even before they debuted, which is slightly impossible but they did win 26 awards over EXO's measly 21. but they had to make 4 comebacks for it while EXO had none! Yes, EXO has definitely proved that they don't need 'lots and lots of album' (escu me gurl but rly check ur grammar b4 subtly insulting sum1 it's plural form since theres lots n lots of it whats wrong w/ adding an s thnx) to win a lot of awards; all you need to do is debut from a huge company that already owns a bunch of successful idols and be treated as a product.
well, if that's what you really want.

next tweet;

"Babys are basically VIPs in training. They're already starting to show their arrogance and elitism."

A BABY posted this and all the comments were just like "K" or "oh" because well. we just don't wanna comment much about these statements. think whatever you'd like. the only reason we're 'arrogant' is because there's so many dumbasses out there. some of us are dumbasses, but from this statement I haven't seen anyone break out on the Exotits and blame them when clearly there's no real source. why? because we're just not that immature. Even I don't know if it's an Exotit who wrote this but imagine if someone wrote something like this about EXO stans. wouldn't at least a quarter of them make a fuss?
Another thing; why the comparism with VIPs? What's wrong with VIPs? they're arrogant? they're elite? who said so? VIPs are strong because they don't go around bashing other people's fandoms; all they do is defend themselves without even mentioning other fandoms. why? because they know better than to involve a fandom unreasonably.

I really don't understand why these people have to start. I thought we were buddies ever since ISC? Himchan and Suho are cool; Luhan, Daehyun and Youngjae are cool. What else do you need? a fucking confession that they're best of friends and they'd really wish we'd get along too?

well school tomorrow and the day after (probably). Fern better continue her story. abandoned kids gives me the Step by Wicked Step feel these days lol. we were discussing the novel just now and they were talking about Richard running away and kinda remembered Junhong in my story. a lot of things remind me of my story nowadays, actually. Better get it done quick.

P.S, I told Ika what I felt about Yongguk making a Tumblr for his music and she said "well, what can we do about it" and I agree. but I wish she would think like that about most of her own problems instead of complaining to me and when I complain to her she thinks the same thing and doesn't even notice it.
P.P.S, I'm starting to notice that a lot of my 'problems' aren't really my problems, other than family problems. People have so many problems and trying to figure out ways to solve them while I'm leaving my real problem aside (since I can't do shit about it) and ranting on about other problems that don't even need my concern.
P.P.P.S, I'm worried the same thing will happen again so I'm not telling the sister. It's sad that... because it's a different person, I'm worried... maybe she wanted me to tell her sister. I don't even know anymore. But for now, I'll just let it be. I hope I can talk to her about it soon though.
P.P.P.P.S, yet another problem that's not mine that I'm worrying about.

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