Monday, January 21, 2013

Self confidence level : somewhat low.

I'm feeling a bit left out.

They should've chosen a form 5 as the AJK Papan Kenyataan. I'm not saying me, just a form 5. Nazureen or Ashwini. Not that Afhwa (???), the form 3 isn't doing her work. Heck she's actually doing quite a good job. It's just that it's funny that they give priority to form 4 & 5's for deco team and basically a form 3 as a head.

Yes I made it clear that I'm against discrimination and this is somewhat a senior-junior conflict right here but it's not them. It's me. I know I wouldn't have done half as well as Ahfwa is doing right now, or even thought of the things she has thought of. And it's lowering my self confidence. As a senior, I should be able to do better?

It's the same as Ila in add maths class the other day. That guy (Mr. Ho? I can't remember but Ila would; they're basically in love ok) (jk Ila) told us to try this problem and said "if anyone can do it, I'll belanja that person McD! The mcvalue lunch one! Less than 10 ringgit!" And Ila fcking got it. After... wait no even before that our teacher kept glancing at Ila after almost every statement he gave. But that's not the point. Point is, Ila could do it, why can't I?


I guess I was just tired from house practice today and that's why when mom called me to sleep with her (ayah isn't home tonight) at around 9.30-10 I slept through until 4.30 am instead of that nap I intended.

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