Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sound of bap.

stupid hashtag. #SOUNDOFBAP lol wtf.

so I'm here to review B.A.P's Rain Sound (really Sound of Rain sounded nicer grammatically but I guess Koreans are that lazy to say 'of') and all it's literally elements~~ No I did not take time to analyze each and every scene or anything. just those that I found some meaning to it. and also the scenes that made me inspired to write a fic

okay so first of all the song. I love it. as usual. no it wasn't perfect though. it's suitable to be a tracklist, tbh. it's sort of like Voicemail. I'm used to it. I'm glad they decided to make an MV for this because it shows more variety for B.A.P. I'm not wishing for more badass B.A.P or anything like that anymore. Whatever they're doing, there's a reason so I'll accept it. I do wish they don't go all soft and start up with all that cute shit again. I think one vomiting session is enough. They can show their cute in varieties.

anyway in more depth towards the song. love the acoustic. I mentioned a lot in my mix that I wanted them to do a guitar line so yay wish come true haha. the parts were given out as equally as I can think of according to their abilities. they had dancing going on but I guess they're not trying to emphasize on it too much. I'm not even sure if they're gonna promote this song. even if they will, it'll probably a short cut of it just to open up their comeback later in February.

so the MV. I don't think there's really a clear story line to it or anything, just a bunch of depressing scenes so I'll cut towards their acting. I give Junhong 4.5/5. Yongguk, Himchan, 4/5. Daehyun 3.5/5 (his scene was mostly just him screaming which he actually does a lot on stage already so) Youngjae and Jongup 3/5. aigoo my Guppie is still a bit stiff. also some of you might've seen me tweet about Youngjae molesting that mannequin. how much more awkward can you be to accidentally caress a plastic body's boob seriously? I think it was awkward for him to work with naked female mannequins to begin with so okay. Jongup just didn't land on that mattress very naturally. yea that's it.
Yongguk and Himchan did their best showing their difference personality wise. lemme just point out this might not be the real them but just the role they're playing in the MV. Yongguk appears as hot-tempered; being upset in one moment, angry in another then sorrowful in the other. I especially liked his expression in the end - it seemed very real. a lot like defeat.

it's this scene but like I think it's better captured in a GIF or something lol.
Himchan appears as soft and emotional more on the inside like he doesn't show his emotions physically, but rather more on his actions. his face has only one expression but you can see that he's lost in thoughts and in the end burnt that mannequin head (although idk what the significance there is to that). they're both so different, the way they showed that was so creative too.

I cried at Junhong's acting. hands down. he had never dated anyone before but man, is he a good actor or what. i felt sad even when I watched the teaser tbh. it just seems so real. that glimpse when he looked like he smirked a bit like the pain brought him to a slight brain wreck but then he couldn't stand it and dropped the vase. it could've been better if he dropped it right by his feet (or if the camera captured that but i think the scene was shot without Junhong standing there) it'll look more real but I guess Junhong's feet > MV quality.

what else? that green rain thing reminded me of MBLAQ's Cry (especially when Jongup looked up it looked so much like Joon's pose ; ;) and the shooting thing.. I kinda wished they decided whether they would actually die or just be strong at the shots I mean most of it looked like they were just trying to look hot which disappoints me.

kinda blank rn cuz B.A.P's Malaysia. not really that excited I mean I was expecting pictures tbh but oh well.
I think you guys know but I was waiting to see if Jongup was wearing the cap I sent to him... but he didn't. oh well. don't wanna think about it too much. can't help but feel a bit sad though.
anyways loved Himchan's voice in this. it's much, much sweeter and idk I actually prefer it to Jongup's. Jongup sounded a bit sharp but I mean it's just preference not hating so.
dammit I feel bad it makes me sound like I'm bashing Jongup simply cuz he didn't wear the cap I spent 27 bucks on (honestly I'm not really sensitive about the price and all that I mean I think it's still considered cheap but it's still money and money don't come out flowing from the pipes in my house ok). but well yea I guess I'm always expectant from him. and as we all know with expectations comes disappointments so. can't say I didn't bring this on myself.

/sigh I should learn to love that asshole less.

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