Thursday, February 21, 2013


Now that you've reached your dreams and working to grow bigger and stronger, you've established quite a level of confidence. When I saw your message on your photocard, I thought that it might not always be true. Doing what you want do to sooner will bring you success sooner. It might be true, but have you ever heard of the phrase "things come as quickly as it goes"?
I know I should probably worry about my own problems but at this moment while listening to my life soundtrack and thinking about the future, I can't help but think about what you've said and how far true it is exactly. If you want to do something successfully, it can't be done spontaneously without thought; even if we are young.
At this age when we are young, the things that happen now might affect us even more greatly than we think.
Sometimes, we cannot think of only 'now'. We need to think of 'later' and 'tomorrow' and 'next year' too. Did we greatly hurt our parents when we decide to do things our own way? Did we lessen our opportunity for a better life by doing this? Have you not thought of these things? It might have gone well for you, but know that the solution to your problems might not be the solution to everyone else's too.
"Only one shot." What if that lost shot was only for our best?
I took that principle for the Kem Perdana. Sure, now I'll have to skip cross country and might even lose my chance to go to my first album meet up ever and the chance to exchange photocards in case I don't get Jongup's. But I barely went to camp my entire time in SA and maybe this will bring me good in one way or another.
But after talking to Nadhrah about BRATs I feel like maybe this is too much. Sure it's a great opportunity, but I'll have to pay another 150 for the workshops and go to other states and spend time on assignments and such. I don't think I can afford that much attention on something other than SPM anymore. It's already hard being emotionally attached to Korean boys who don't know your existance.
So I decided to not send in an application. sorry Junhong-ah. You understand right? It might be good to take opportunities earlier, but maybe i'm already a bit late. Or maybe my time hadn't come yet. I'll try, next time. But for now, I'll pass.

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