Wednesday, February 6, 2013

keep moving like a bullet train.


My message to them in the descriptions. Still in the process of making the anniversary video /sigh better late than never though.
I think Youngjae's video sucked hard time, but Jongup's video was satisfying. The first I watched it with colouring I was already so happy but after uploading it I notice there were some things lacking but I decided to put it off. I was sick the other day because I was working too hard on Youngjae's video anyway. Aiming to sleep before one. currently 12:06AM so for now, it's good to make a short update.

I'm sure none of you really enjoyed that story. Or read it. If you haven't read it, I'm trying my best to not mind because it's not that good and I'm planning to edit it further during the CNY holidays. My unnie hasn't replied yet, but I think I'll give up on her. She must be busy with college.

so Xueh Wei the other posted something about her crush and well some people are lucky enough to make friends outside of Sri Aman. I'm one of those unlucky ones. I can't even make friends with people from tuition - unless you count that Shawol who lives in my neighbourhood or Aisyah who's Ila & Nuryn's friend but Ain was late once so we got to introduce ourselves.
anyways, I don't really mind because once I'm tossed into a situation where I'm desperate, I will make friends eventually. I'm actually gonna talk about something I really restrained myself for so long. well, at least since around December last year, when I started tuition at Andrew Choo. You know there's always these people who are under your 'radar'? It's like if that person's around, you'd notice for sure but try your best not to glance over at that person every 5 seconds. so there's this guy (stop your ooh-ing) who literally talks to no one. or at least, I've never seen him talk to anyone. I call him the Grey Sweater Guy (GSG). he's under my radar.

he literally wears the same grey sweater every time I saw him since form 3. the reason he's under my radar, I think, is because I have no clue who he is. I just know he goes for weekend classes - I'm not sure if it's from Sejarah on Sat, I've never noticed because there's so many people for Saturday Sejarah - but goes out during Biology. I don't know if it's because he doesn't take Bio or because he took Bio on some other day, but that's how it is. other than that, he's a total stranger. he comes and goes.

The reason I'm talking bout him now is because I was talking to Ain about tuition just now and I just realized that there's no weekend class these weekends because of CNY and I got a sudden realization that I won't be seeing GSG this week. and next week too.
I'm not sure if I'm upset.

I don't want to go around chasing him like I did with Asyraf back in form 3. that was so immature, trying to get into the same classes with him. there's class on Friday next week but there's two options; around 12-2 and 2-4, and I told the girls 12-2, ignoring the fact that I knew GSG would be in 2-4 because of the Friday prayers.
But another part of me wants to build more opportunities for us to say something to each other. I read in Naquiah's sister's book about body reading where guys have telescopical sight or something and girls have stereosc--- something sight which basically means that guys can't see hidden things. when they look at something they look one way, which most of the time is upfront so they really can't decode things unless you tell them straight up (or at least that's what the book says). but girls have a wider vision. you're all girls so you know what I mean.
so based on this, I guess GSG has no clue he's under my radar. but if it's not true, then that time in add-maths my stereoschubfd sight caught him looking at me from the door to my seat was right. that gives me some type of hope.
But i'm not sure what I'm hoping for exactly.

well I got that out of my chest and I don't wanna talk about it anymore because well it'll just mess up what I really think about this because I'm an INTP type and if you Google it up it means that I'm a thinker and I don't really like to base what I do on what I feel like doing especially in things like this because there's no point to it and I think there was something in that INTP article that I don't like doing illogical stuff or stuff without a reason.

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