Saturday, February 2, 2013

new layout.

it's because I freaking miss Warrior era okay stop judging me.

imagine if I wasn't a KPOP fan. I would've decorated this blog with like pictures of skinny girls with their long flowy brunette hair and multiple beaded necklaces and bracelets. this is the best I can do, okay?
plus now I don't have to add the '.' (what's this called again?) at the end of every blog title because they already added it for me.
plus do you know how hard it is to find good pictures? once I have a few good ones I look back and it either doesn't match each other or doesn't match the layout. so I decided to go for one era only, and the icons were from scans of Recording Take #1.

this was supposed to be the original picture for the tagboard but then the colours didn't match and even when I tried changing the contrast the face and hand were different colours so it looked weird. the reason I wanted this picture in the first place was the scar on Jongup's hand. I didn't even notice it before. his smile sort of blurred everything else. but like you guys understand what I mean right I like it because it looks like he was trying to cover up some type of pain (it's just me being over-analytic again). but yea. boohoo.

I feel like every time I change my layout it's a whole different fandom already. last year was Jonghyun and this year Jongup + B.A.P and I'm afraid if next year I'm gonna change to a different group, and I really don't want to. but who knows?

so it's 6:30am and I have piano class in two hours so I'll take a nap now.


I just noticed that I don't have an archive. Thankfully, I saved my previous blog layout so I still have the code but I have no idea where to put it.
I was checking if everyone had an archive and I noticed that Xueh Wei didn't even link our blogs. Zaza and Hanis use Blogger layouts and I think Zaza did I mighty fine job of making it look super sophisticated (minus the cbox it just looks awkward way down there). I know Hanis can do better she just doesn't wanna try (betul tak? just admit it dear lol). it must be because it's not really something she wants a lot of people to visit so it doesn't have to look super duper nice.
me, on the other hand just like having a really nice looking blog.

and funny story (I mean I guess it's funny... to me) since xwei's blog's descriptions and all that are on the left side and Fern's all that are on the right, I chose this one specifically because it's in the middle HAHA. yea maybe that wasn't too funny.

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