Friday, March 22, 2013

video #1

So I started this a week ago but just the cutting of clips took two days because I was so out of it. I took it slow, but in the end today I was like "you know what? I gotta wrap this up" so I did. plus I have another two collab parts to work on, and one of them is my own collab muahahaha. once I'm finished with all these collab parts I'll make a compilation. or maybe later on, after another collab because four parts in one video is kinda a waste. I'll make it five :3 so far I've only joined collabs to do B.A.P parts; maybe the fifth one I'll do an Infinite or CNBLUE one. depends.

anyway back to the video. I had a harder time on the slow part than the fast part because well throwing in effects isn't that hard - it's harder to make something match the music and still make it interesting. also I tried not to put in colourings because the original clips kinda matched the song already, but I can't help but add overlays heuheu. the last part was a bit of a mess though, because I didn't really arrange anything or put any transitions - if you noticed, I just mashed up random clips to end it. also, I wanted to add in texts but I got lazy and I wanted to upload it by tonight so I didn't add any ;_; feel kinda bad now cuz I know it could've been better but oh well.

hope it's good! ^_^ other than the two collabs, I have another two projects on the way - both of which I already edited the song to but haven't started on the clips harhar. and surprise surprise, one of em is gonna be a CNBLUE video. felt bad for them. not many people make videos for CNBLUE T_T also the other one I'm still not sure which pairing I should use, since I'm using a boyXboy ship huhu. B.A.P, yes. it seems that YoungLo is pretty popular these days but I don't have enough material for the two /sigh I'll try to make use of what I've got. also, these two are gonna be rather short. less than a minute. so don't expect much.

lastly, hope you enjoyed the video! I'll be working hard, despite life.
P.S, I drew something but I'm still not sure if I should post it up. no inspiration to write these days, especially since I got a B for my recent English test. sorry.


so I added the text and as advised by a friend, added more heartbeat thingy. I think the text tend to be distracting. it kinda overshadows all the hard work I put into actual editing lol. also, it looks like it lacks of Himchan? it's probably just a coincidence that the lines I chose for him were a bit short and that I found his expressions weren't much different throughout the video so I couldn't use much of his footage. His clips did tend to be useful though, like the burning mannequin head was cool. but other than that, the amount of his clips were so little I even used other members of B.A.P's parts.
but it was great making this, really. although it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I can tell from the first upload that it won't have great response..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

art inspirations.

So I'm actually rather confused with what type of art I want to concentrate on. sometimes it feels like I wanna do everything, but end up not being good at any of it. I looked back at my favourites and I chose a few really good artworks that I find inspiring and want to work to achieving, maybe more.
*credit to owners*

Himchan realism. Traditional - 100% watercolour. 
I tried doing watercolouring the other day and completely failed. I know the creator of those epic movies from Japan (I forgot what it's called dammit like the creators of Totoro and Spirited Away, those people) said that when you paint, don't have a base but it's really hard seriously ;~; how do people watercolour seriously. I'm guessing another advantage all you people have is really thin brushes to work the details but you'll need a steady hand too and I'm guessing that means practice.

B.A.P Warrior group photo - remade on a t-shirt with oil pastels.
genius. that's it.

Daehyun fanart. 100% digital. 
I mostly find this inspiring because of the picture itself. It's not realism, but it looks a lot like Daehyun (even the body - I mean, before he decided to work out). That's one thing. I also like how the background blends into hugging Daehyun. It's really creative and it says something. even the body dispersing - ah, it's just too good >< the two-colours thing going on here is really good too. 

Last but not least - one of my favourite mixed media traditional artworks. Zelo was first drawn with various pens and markers (yes, not pencils. I'm being serious here) then when all that was dry she used watercolour to add the details. even a board-and-brush technique to add the splatters. It's simple, it's creative and it's beautiful. notice the details and shading on Zelo himself but not on his clothing. notice the pins were painted solid but she added the running effect. ahh it's just genius. 
this is one of my favourite realisms because it's not the usual realism where you just redraw the person. you add your own little twist to it and that makes all the difference. it adds a 'you' in it.

that's the thing about working on realism. sometimes when you try to make it look so much like the actual thing, you start losing your own creativity - your own touch on your artwork. and that's not something I'd like to lose just to be able to draw things exactly how it looked like in the picture. that's not drawing - that's photostating. 
so what style am I looking for? well. recently I haven't been drawing a lot and when I try to draw my own stuff I find it hard to draw girls. it's funny - how seven years ago I probably never thought I'd have trouble drawing girls. that's all I used to draw. but now I have a fascination with short hairs and broad shoulders that drawing a girls seems so hard because the facial expressions would seem to dull. even the most recent things I drew that seems rather okay are these two.

You can guess who these two are - Jongup and Zelo. I don't really like it that much because it seems a bit out of proportions - Jongup seems bigger than Zelo huhu. also the coats could've been more detailed. the faces aren't that good neither. there's a lot to improve here, but I gotta say my favourite thing is the hair. I worked on the highlights shading a lot more on them. 

The only way I got to drawing him was when a friend challenged me to draw cartoon characters in realism so I tried and although Danny Phantom was a failure I really like this one. The thing I hate about this is... it's sideways. I feel like I like drawing side profiles too much I should really stop because people do not have sides of a face they have a front angle too and I have to work on that.
even the hair doesn't look like realism...

Okay enough procrastination for tonight.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

sketch #1


original picture

edited (if possible, clearer)

medium : mechanical pencil; 2B, 0.5mm - eraser - mahjong paper (scrap paper)
time taken : approximately 40 minutes (honestly I wasn't counting)
details : honestly I wasn't trying to be exact; I felt like drawing something and I saw the picture and I knew it was something I wanted to draw so I did. the face shape isn't exact (not long enough) and the shading is rather basic, because of the general lighting. the folds around the ears under the beanie was probably the hardest, although I also had to change the face shape and facial positions a couple of times too. I like the shading around the eyes and on the lips the most; the lips look so soft (u w u) little detail of the bodies because I was lazy z z z
things to work on : I think the eye-direction is a bit lost. the head needs to be slightly tilted too, so head angle. I wish I could do more on the hair detail >< the shapes need to be more precise too, but I wasn't really aiming precision this time so I'll excuse myself (harrharr).

Give me your opinion if you have any ideas how to improve! ^^

P.S, I'll be starting posts like this now rather than personal stuff. Art posts with be formatted like this, same as videos, but my stories are posted on SHL so I can't really talk about that. so yea. comments through the normal comment thread instead of a cbox because spammers.

Monday, March 11, 2013

no manners.

People are so rude.

Why is it that when I told Nadiah the answer was X she assured me that it was Y but when Kausalya told her it was X she believed her?

Why is it that when a junior from my transport hit my head she laughed but didn't apologize? I'm your senior. Not just a senior, a form five senior. And you didn't just hit anywhere, you hit my /head/.

Why is it that when we greet Datin Noorulaini, we sound like mosquitoes buzzing but when she announces that we're going back at two on Wednesday we cheer so loudly? Have you guys thought what Datin might have felt?

But here's the most disappointing part.

Why is it that Datin have to mention that we're an SBT school and we should work on getting into nationals and internationals, thus not acknowledging the netball team? Did they not work just as hard as the choral speaking team? You, as the leader of a school, shouldn't you bring spirits up, not burn them down?

This world is so rude and thoughtless. I expected better from a so-called civilized community.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Things are going fine. Except I haven't studied.

It's March. Next week we're gonna take our first test if SPM year. The first of a last; or probably the first of an ending that will start something new (get it? Cuz after school we still have college exams and such to take). This week me and Ain are going to tuition four times - we went today because we can't go for tomorrow's Sejarah and it sucked cuz too many people and I fell asleep.

Tomorrow we're coming straight after school meaning that we're coming in school uniform. Stinky school uniforms. this will be the first time for me in 2013; heck it only happened once in 2011 for me. And tomorrow I'll be expecting GSG too.

Sunday we're going to Sya's cousin's wedding straight after tuition so we're gonna wear baju kurung and I hope they don't look at us funny but if they made a good joke out of it I'd be happy because yay we get attention for five seconds. Already planned what to wear since Wednesday honest.

I'm still on chapter 9 for Sejarah and it's gonna be on Monday so you know how much I'll be cramming these next few days. Will probably only touch physics other than Sejarah. Last minute reminder for BM on Sunday later. So sure of it.

Sejarah kills me because I know i'm weak at it but thinking bout that makes me wanna give up honestly. But I can say I hate almost all the subjects for SPM because it involves loads and loads of writing and just understanding can't help you. You need to know what they want. And I don't know.