Sunday, March 17, 2013

art inspirations.

So I'm actually rather confused with what type of art I want to concentrate on. sometimes it feels like I wanna do everything, but end up not being good at any of it. I looked back at my favourites and I chose a few really good artworks that I find inspiring and want to work to achieving, maybe more.
*credit to owners*

Himchan realism. Traditional - 100% watercolour. 
I tried doing watercolouring the other day and completely failed. I know the creator of those epic movies from Japan (I forgot what it's called dammit like the creators of Totoro and Spirited Away, those people) said that when you paint, don't have a base but it's really hard seriously ;~; how do people watercolour seriously. I'm guessing another advantage all you people have is really thin brushes to work the details but you'll need a steady hand too and I'm guessing that means practice.

B.A.P Warrior group photo - remade on a t-shirt with oil pastels.
genius. that's it.

Daehyun fanart. 100% digital. 
I mostly find this inspiring because of the picture itself. It's not realism, but it looks a lot like Daehyun (even the body - I mean, before he decided to work out). That's one thing. I also like how the background blends into hugging Daehyun. It's really creative and it says something. even the body dispersing - ah, it's just too good >< the two-colours thing going on here is really good too. 

Last but not least - one of my favourite mixed media traditional artworks. Zelo was first drawn with various pens and markers (yes, not pencils. I'm being serious here) then when all that was dry she used watercolour to add the details. even a board-and-brush technique to add the splatters. It's simple, it's creative and it's beautiful. notice the details and shading on Zelo himself but not on his clothing. notice the pins were painted solid but she added the running effect. ahh it's just genius. 
this is one of my favourite realisms because it's not the usual realism where you just redraw the person. you add your own little twist to it and that makes all the difference. it adds a 'you' in it.

that's the thing about working on realism. sometimes when you try to make it look so much like the actual thing, you start losing your own creativity - your own touch on your artwork. and that's not something I'd like to lose just to be able to draw things exactly how it looked like in the picture. that's not drawing - that's photostating. 
so what style am I looking for? well. recently I haven't been drawing a lot and when I try to draw my own stuff I find it hard to draw girls. it's funny - how seven years ago I probably never thought I'd have trouble drawing girls. that's all I used to draw. but now I have a fascination with short hairs and broad shoulders that drawing a girls seems so hard because the facial expressions would seem to dull. even the most recent things I drew that seems rather okay are these two.

You can guess who these two are - Jongup and Zelo. I don't really like it that much because it seems a bit out of proportions - Jongup seems bigger than Zelo huhu. also the coats could've been more detailed. the faces aren't that good neither. there's a lot to improve here, but I gotta say my favourite thing is the hair. I worked on the highlights shading a lot more on them. 

The only way I got to drawing him was when a friend challenged me to draw cartoon characters in realism so I tried and although Danny Phantom was a failure I really like this one. The thing I hate about this is... it's sideways. I feel like I like drawing side profiles too much I should really stop because people do not have sides of a face they have a front angle too and I have to work on that.
even the hair doesn't look like realism...

Okay enough procrastination for tonight.

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