Friday, March 22, 2013

video #1

So I started this a week ago but just the cutting of clips took two days because I was so out of it. I took it slow, but in the end today I was like "you know what? I gotta wrap this up" so I did. plus I have another two collab parts to work on, and one of them is my own collab muahahaha. once I'm finished with all these collab parts I'll make a compilation. or maybe later on, after another collab because four parts in one video is kinda a waste. I'll make it five :3 so far I've only joined collabs to do B.A.P parts; maybe the fifth one I'll do an Infinite or CNBLUE one. depends.

anyway back to the video. I had a harder time on the slow part than the fast part because well throwing in effects isn't that hard - it's harder to make something match the music and still make it interesting. also I tried not to put in colourings because the original clips kinda matched the song already, but I can't help but add overlays heuheu. the last part was a bit of a mess though, because I didn't really arrange anything or put any transitions - if you noticed, I just mashed up random clips to end it. also, I wanted to add in texts but I got lazy and I wanted to upload it by tonight so I didn't add any ;_; feel kinda bad now cuz I know it could've been better but oh well.

hope it's good! ^_^ other than the two collabs, I have another two projects on the way - both of which I already edited the song to but haven't started on the clips harhar. and surprise surprise, one of em is gonna be a CNBLUE video. felt bad for them. not many people make videos for CNBLUE T_T also the other one I'm still not sure which pairing I should use, since I'm using a boyXboy ship huhu. B.A.P, yes. it seems that YoungLo is pretty popular these days but I don't have enough material for the two /sigh I'll try to make use of what I've got. also, these two are gonna be rather short. less than a minute. so don't expect much.

lastly, hope you enjoyed the video! I'll be working hard, despite life.
P.S, I drew something but I'm still not sure if I should post it up. no inspiration to write these days, especially since I got a B for my recent English test. sorry.


so I added the text and as advised by a friend, added more heartbeat thingy. I think the text tend to be distracting. it kinda overshadows all the hard work I put into actual editing lol. also, it looks like it lacks of Himchan? it's probably just a coincidence that the lines I chose for him were a bit short and that I found his expressions weren't much different throughout the video so I couldn't use much of his footage. His clips did tend to be useful though, like the burning mannequin head was cool. but other than that, the amount of his clips were so little I even used other members of B.A.P's parts.
but it was great making this, really. although it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I can tell from the first upload that it won't have great response..

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