Friday, March 8, 2013


Things are going fine. Except I haven't studied.

It's March. Next week we're gonna take our first test if SPM year. The first of a last; or probably the first of an ending that will start something new (get it? Cuz after school we still have college exams and such to take). This week me and Ain are going to tuition four times - we went today because we can't go for tomorrow's Sejarah and it sucked cuz too many people and I fell asleep.

Tomorrow we're coming straight after school meaning that we're coming in school uniform. Stinky school uniforms. this will be the first time for me in 2013; heck it only happened once in 2011 for me. And tomorrow I'll be expecting GSG too.

Sunday we're going to Sya's cousin's wedding straight after tuition so we're gonna wear baju kurung and I hope they don't look at us funny but if they made a good joke out of it I'd be happy because yay we get attention for five seconds. Already planned what to wear since Wednesday honest.

I'm still on chapter 9 for Sejarah and it's gonna be on Monday so you know how much I'll be cramming these next few days. Will probably only touch physics other than Sejarah. Last minute reminder for BM on Sunday later. So sure of it.

Sejarah kills me because I know i'm weak at it but thinking bout that makes me wanna give up honestly. But I can say I hate almost all the subjects for SPM because it involves loads and loads of writing and just understanding can't help you. You need to know what they want. And I don't know.


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