Monday, March 11, 2013

no manners.

People are so rude.

Why is it that when I told Nadiah the answer was X she assured me that it was Y but when Kausalya told her it was X she believed her?

Why is it that when a junior from my transport hit my head she laughed but didn't apologize? I'm your senior. Not just a senior, a form five senior. And you didn't just hit anywhere, you hit my /head/.

Why is it that when we greet Datin Noorulaini, we sound like mosquitoes buzzing but when she announces that we're going back at two on Wednesday we cheer so loudly? Have you guys thought what Datin might have felt?

But here's the most disappointing part.

Why is it that Datin have to mention that we're an SBT school and we should work on getting into nationals and internationals, thus not acknowledging the netball team? Did they not work just as hard as the choral speaking team? You, as the leader of a school, shouldn't you bring spirits up, not burn them down?

This world is so rude and thoughtless. I expected better from a so-called civilized community.

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