Thursday, March 14, 2013

sketch #1


original picture

edited (if possible, clearer)

medium : mechanical pencil; 2B, 0.5mm - eraser - mahjong paper (scrap paper)
time taken : approximately 40 minutes (honestly I wasn't counting)
details : honestly I wasn't trying to be exact; I felt like drawing something and I saw the picture and I knew it was something I wanted to draw so I did. the face shape isn't exact (not long enough) and the shading is rather basic, because of the general lighting. the folds around the ears under the beanie was probably the hardest, although I also had to change the face shape and facial positions a couple of times too. I like the shading around the eyes and on the lips the most; the lips look so soft (u w u) little detail of the bodies because I was lazy z z z
things to work on : I think the eye-direction is a bit lost. the head needs to be slightly tilted too, so head angle. I wish I could do more on the hair detail >< the shapes need to be more precise too, but I wasn't really aiming precision this time so I'll excuse myself (harrharr).

Give me your opinion if you have any ideas how to improve! ^^

P.S, I'll be starting posts like this now rather than personal stuff. Art posts with be formatted like this, same as videos, but my stories are posted on SHL so I can't really talk about that. so yea. comments through the normal comment thread instead of a cbox because spammers.


  1. Uu I think your shading has improved though, it's not so flat anymore :D

    Do you use proportion guidelines for realism? it might help if you practice using it more, before referring to the face shape. It'll give you a clearer "view" of human structure and it helps a lot with accuracy. It's okay if the lighting doesn't match the picture because if you shaded a bit more it adds a lot of depth to the sketch


    1. I get lazy knowing that I have to rub out the guidelines later so technically I almost never use guidelines ><""
      thanks for the comment! ^^

  2. I don't like your comment box it deleted my comment the first time idek Im so heartbroken--

    1. jangan terase sangat it's only a computer /bricked