Friday, April 19, 2013


seventeen years of living. it sounds like a lot, but in comparison to those who had lived for 70, 80 years, this is just the beginning.

if i am this weak in battling through my seventeen years of life, how will things be later on?
God gave us all this because we are old and wise enough. we are strong enough to stay through. and I will. we will.

we all have them. so suck it up and choose wisely who you decide to tell about them to. some might not give a shit and that's where you'll look like a puss who doesn't know how to handle her own problem, looking for self pity.

remember, everyone has problems. some are big, some are small but they're problems all the same and we all have to live with them. there's a limit to being upset over something. move on with life. it'll make things much easier for everyone else.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

video #3 - 1st collab

My first time ever hosting a collab and I wouldn't call it a great success because there were definitely a lot of challenges.
Firstly, it was a bit messy trying to get people to enter because I wasn't expecting people to find the video themselves, so I invited some of my favourite editors (or at least the ones I think would actually talk to me lol) to join personally. Some of them got to the video slightly late and all the parts were already filled in. It was too bad :(
Secondly, I really wanted a variety between male and female groups but I only got like two females. At first someone entered with SNSD, but she pulled out later on. which brings me to the next point.
People pulling out of the collab or not responding to messages. It was upsetting, because I have to continuously delay uploading the video and find people to replace for them. And someone who replaced forgot it was a dance video therefore in the middle you can see a part that doesn't have much dancing involved. it messed up the video a bit but that's okay.
And earlier in the process I had trouble giving out the parts too because of Vegas /sigh thankfully, I got things together and here is what came out of it!

People are a problem, but videos aren't. So when I got the parts, things were easy enough. Except.. I didn't actually make my part until I got all the parts /laughs at self. And I was slightly sick the night I made it which was two nights ago. It glitched damn it glitched. Slightly, before the "if you wanna lose your mind" part. but so did the Boyfriend part but sdbfajs okay sshh. picking which parts I should put into the video was kinda hard since they have so many points but I think you can see I actually chose parts that aren't the main points. it's because I thought they matched the music more. The ending with the chorus of Warrior part turned out a little less than what I expected. also, the beats made it a bit hard to concentrate on the dance /sigh

But through making this video, I discovered some new text effects! like 'difference' (I used it for the 'KPOP DANCE COLLAB' and the outro) and tracking (the spacing change) so yea kinda excited bout that :3 I think I should explore around Vegas more to see what other effects I could use instead of reusing the same ones over and over again.

So yea. It's been fun. I'll host another collab, but not so soon. Just when I find a song good enough for it :D

Saturday, April 6, 2013

video #2

Well hello there! It's been awhile. Last night I couldn't sleep because I drank coffee with dinner so I spent around two hours from 2.30-4.30am working on this.
The project had been around for quite sometime but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. When Ain teased me about how 'I only get inspiration from B.A.P and not CNBLUE' I was even more driven to finish it. I made the song purposely a lot shorter than my usual videos because the intention was to make it a quickie but well roughly two and a half hours ain't that quick I guess haha. But I've seen people doing IC's (I have no idea what this is it's an anime editor thing I think) for two hours and the video lasts for fifteen seconds and they're all like crazy shit effects in it like whoaa now that's editing. Makes you feel like you're playing a game of creativity or something haha

Anyway the video wasn't that hard, I mean it kinda reminds me a lot of Radioactive and Lose My Mind because of the panning and the reverses and TV simulators. It's just that Radioactive had such a heavy colouring that I think it burnt my laptop once in awhile. It was one of my earlier heavy videos too, so I guess my laptop haven't really gotten used to it yet. Recently the laptop's acting mighty fine though, loving it :3 When I told my friends it's about six years old they were kinda shocked. It does have it's twitches but so far nothing major. I love this laptop so much ; ;

Recently when it comes to colourings, I try not to make it too heavy. I'm still a lazy bum to work on my own settings and use ready made ones, but to make it less heavy and suit my video more, I tend to pick and choose the settings that are needed and those that aren't. I also adjust things that I can adjust like the sharpen and contrast. I still can't with colours though. sometimes I get green skin that looks like the person got alien chicken pox or something and that's embarrassing lol. anyway by picking and choosing the settings the rendering becomes less heavier so it'll be quicker and less heaty.

also, notice that the quality is slightly better? I've been rewatching chanyetutorials' video on NewBlue watermarks and watched her video settings and adjusted mine to hers. so far it looks quite good, I can't wait to render picture videos with this setting :D
The colour of CNBLUE's music video originally was kinda dull so even when I put 100% black and white there's not much difference lol. see if you can spot which clips are original and which are black and white haha. also, the circles and the words were kinda last minute. I hibernated the laptop for awhile after finishing the video and went to bed and suddenly inspiration stroke me. I think I like the last part where I incorporated the video with the info? yea I think that was creative. I was actually planning to put lyrics in every circle but I got lazy haha. oh the font! I started realizing that people use simpler fonts since idk forever for their videos so I try to do that but so far I'm not sure if the font suited the videos as much as this one did. it's funny, how we're looking for simple fonts that almost look the same anyway, but every small detail makes  all the difference.

anyway, I only started listening to Joel Faviere when one of my favourite editors made this one video "White Mercedez" with Infinite-H and I started listening to his other songs. I already edited the song for this video before she uploaded this video, but I guess it doesn't really matter about who used the song better since we used different parts of the song. anyway, this is her version with Infinite. she didn't allow embedding so. I think she did a better job editing (that part's nicer anyway, but it's hard to edit to that type of beat unless well you're like her - awesome) but the font puts it off a bit. it's still really good though. the beginning was a bit draggy though, but I guess she was building up suspense.

well, back to life where education is priority!!1!! /sigh