Friday, April 19, 2013


seventeen years of living. it sounds like a lot, but in comparison to those who had lived for 70, 80 years, this is just the beginning.

if i am this weak in battling through my seventeen years of life, how will things be later on?
God gave us all this because we are old and wise enough. we are strong enough to stay through. and I will. we will.

we all have them. so suck it up and choose wisely who you decide to tell about them to. some might not give a shit and that's where you'll look like a puss who doesn't know how to handle her own problem, looking for self pity.

remember, everyone has problems. some are big, some are small but they're problems all the same and we all have to live with them. there's a limit to being upset over something. move on with life. it'll make things much easier for everyone else.

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