Thursday, May 30, 2013


I paused at the perfect time.
(obsessed with Tao just because he looks like someone. Or maybe I should say someone looks like him.)

I only posted the Korean version because it's always like that. I only downloaded the Korean version of the MV and the album tracks. I don't know.

I did squeal, I'll give you that. It was good. It was good. Although I found the bad part before I got to the part which caught on to me, I think I'm overall impressed with the choreography like wow okay SM this is an underestimation of how I feel about your choreography but YOU REALLY GOT THE MOST DETAILED AND PRECISED DANCING I'VE SEEN EVER.
So bad part:

Saranghaeyo? More like salanghaeyo, with a girl's voice.

I won't say I'm in love with the song because just like MAMA, probably too many things going on in one song but I won't say it's bad. I find myself singing along in around the third time I watched it. The vocals are great and I'll say the rap improved although I expected more from Chanyeol, I think Kai and Tao's rapping in the beginning was the best raps. But I know Chanyeol will satisfy me in the album tracks, I can feel it =w= But honestly whoever says Chen isn't a good singer should find a rope to hang themselves with because he has the greatest vocals I've seen anywhere. Better than Daehyun (although it's only because TS overworked him and now it's cracking so much poor bb ; ;). 

Now for the dancing, which I think I mentioned before I really really adore but this is my fav part:

This part where they rap real fast and go "WOLF" or something until the growling part where they shake their hands together. Definitely super duper awesome and I shall dance along to the part every time I hear the song I promise (unless I'm in public).
Overall, I just really like their dancing. Lacking where? Hmm I guess I didn't really like the part near the end during the chorus where the leg work was really fast although I adore the boys for being able to do that I just can't accept it it looks a bit awkward?? I don't know but otherwise, what else can you expect. Dancing is a KPOP thing. so the better you are with your choreography, the better a KPOP group you are (or so it seems to be. if not why else is everyone trying to do good dances?).

Okay that's it for the MV I'm waiting for the album tracks now T T 

Friday, May 24, 2013

"I don't spend money on Facebook or Instagram or Tumblr, I spend time on those things. Lots of time. And what am I, what are we if not just a collection of hours and minutes and years and decades spent doing stuff?" 
- Hank Green

Thursday, May 23, 2013


hey I just watched a Jenna Marbles' video and I'm feeling this lol EXO's Wolf teaser

LMAO ok lol

the reason I didn't tweet about my opinion on this is because I'd be called a hater. since no one will ever read this blog I decided HECK i'll post it here HAH
wait let me just watch it again so that I wouldn't seem like a biased bitch
-a minute and two seconds later-

okay I think I just snickered again
YES finally EXO makes a comeback and the usual KPOP fan would be super happy and I am too because omg, finally. I didn't say they were bad but in the position that they are (I mean they're from SM, and they're like huge competitors to my ultimate bias group 2.0 B.A.P) it made me not like them as much as practically everyone does. Okay I take that back they have an enormous amount of haters too BUT there was a point where they had so many fans that B.A.P's awesomeness was over-shadowed and I felt like it was a waste that people like them who aren't that much greater than people from smaller companies can have their fame without doing much.

okay moving on, I've always liked their sound, I mean I liked the whole MAMA album, I loved some of the tracks (ie. History, Machine and Two Moons) so I'm anticipating this album too, since it's gonna be a full album I'm like qdjnsd but as always, the concepts that SM gives them doesn't necessarily have that umph, ya know?

I have a feeling everyone feels this way since I don't see people going "OMG!! EXO'S TEASER OMG!!" on my Twitter timeline they're not all too excited neither. it's just that, we've been waiting so long for this??
okay where do I start?

firstly, what the fuck are they doing in a dimly lighted room, crawling at each other in those clothes? umm I think someone needs a trip to the asylum. they give the concept of wolves, and where do we find wolves? in the forest. I thought Chanyeol gave a hint saying forest and trees and stuff? if it's not gonna be in the MV and the MV is just gonna be them clawing each other in a room I'm gonna be thoroughly disappointed.
and secondly, teasers are supposed to build up hype. if SM doesn't use the effort to edit in even one scene in the forest I think they might be slightly egoistic, thinking everyone will still love the boys no matter what they do because they're EXO for KPOP's sake. this is the same thing that happens with Super Junior all the time? I guess SM's not wrong, since everyone still loves SuJu so much. I do wish they'd stay through, hopefully a group from the early 00's of KPOP that doesn't disband/break up.
thirdly, hahahah the wolves thing is cute I mean look at them aww trying to look all wolf-like it's so cute, how hard they try. AND WHERE'S BAEKHYUN'S EYELINER
i think my favourite thing to touch on is the fact that their clothes are perfectly in tact, most of them don't have sharp teeth 90% of the time (which makes roaring/ growling or wtv look even less realistic) and that they honestly don't even have like smudges or anything COMPLETELY CLEAN how?? it makes them look even more like little toddlers in kindergarten pretending to be animals except they're like six feet tall.

well that's it on my part. I'm still anticipating the album tracks but I can see where the MV is leading towards. hopefully, I'm wrong.

in addition to this post, I'd like to put in some quotes from people on KPOPSECRETS. I think some of them are worth thinking about, and I think it will give affect to our actions.

"Not liking them is different with hating them. If they say that they don’t like them, it only means they have a different taste. No need to fight about it because when you do, that’s when they start to HATE. Our narrow-mindedness only adds fuel to a freaking SPARK."

"'s none of your business what he's doing with HIS life. it's none of your business what his parents are doing. because none of this is about you or your life. none of this is about your opinions. just let him live his life without constant criticism of his or his parent's choices. it has nothing to do with you."


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

video #6

Don't even ask I'm on an editing frenzy
idk after I watched an Infinite version of this song I got addicted immediately and I'm like lol Ain listen to this I'm addicted to it and she's like "Are you gonna make a video out of this?" and I'm like HEY maybe I should and she practically facepalmed.

I used masking and panning instead of cookie cutter this time because I wanted specific shapes. It wasn't originally like this - it was separate clips at first, but later on I thought about it and I wanted to do something different - experiment a little. I think this video has the most amount of layers I've ever used on SV - about eight or nine. mostly just for the beginning.
I also tried using 3D effects and it worked yay!! It affected my saturation a little (I tried fixing but it's still dark T_T) but I guess overall I'm satisfied with it. I originally used TV simulator again (oh me I just can't stop with the simulator) but like I said, I wanted to try something different and this is a start ^^ you can't really notice it,  since the last part is kinda quick and jumpy but it's there, during the squeaky DJ part (which I think is what made me so addicted to this song).
//edit I up-ed the contrast and started using 36-bit again. The 8-bit was really low quality although it rendered really quickly =3= I only used it because this tutorial used it and I guess it was okay until I realised that there's a difference between editing slideshows and editing videos (no offense).

Well back to bed.

Friday, May 17, 2013

video #5

This was actually a request from a subber, who's birthday was on Wednesday. If you can't tell, since I don't normally edit Boyfriend lol.
Experimented a lot with cookie cutter like a lot. I feel like I could still improve, but I've worked my way around using it. Also I've learned a few tricks on transitions and re-downloaded Spicemaster today so now I have Spicemaster and NewBluefx plugins :D
Colouring is still a mess though T T I have no idea how to go around gradient maps seriously I suck. I just keep twitching the colourings I downloaded sigh when will I be good at that I have no idea.
I have a lot of plans for the holidays, but I still have three more days of exam until I'm actually free so for now I'm gonna edit the songs first :3 Next video will be something I've been saving for too long ((taylor swift)).


Friday, May 10, 2013

video #4


most of the hard work was written in the description of the video, so if you'd like you can just go to the YouTube site and read it there ^^ Worked on this for about four hours. About three hours spent editing, the other hour spend rendering. It's been awhile. Experimenting with things. I download all this stuff but never use them, seriously!
Anyway tried out typography and idk if I improved or not?? I think I worked hard on that more than the clips lol. and because the clip I used was very lacking, some parts were awkward, I think?
Sighs I don't think I ever wanna edit EXO ever again (lies).


creative - really?


TheFineBros introduced to me to this video through a YouTubers React video and I thought that none of the YouTubers were giving the answers I was thinking about. There is a meaning behind this video, really, not just the fact that it should creep some people out (a lot of people actually) but you really gotta go behind to the small bits in the beginning, I think, to really understand.

There was a caption in the Fine Bros' video saying that the director said they start the video off with it being really quiet because that's how creativity comes. When you're doing nothing. I think what it means is that when we're doing something, we're actually being creative but without us even knowing it. If we decided to go down to the kitchen and decide to get a sandwich, that's your creativity thinking up things for you to eat. If there's no sandwich, you look for other food to feed on. That's creativity looking for ideas. When you come up with a weird-ass concoction you yourself aren't sure is safe to eat or not, that's a product of creativity (that's a fine piece of art, DaVinci!) and if you go back upstairs with an empty hand, that's creativity unfed :( yeap that's me everyday.

the point is that creativity isn't about being fun and colourful and fast-beat. it's about CREATING.

there was a scene that really took me, I think it started at the clown (I think we all thought that scene was a bit weird) when the notebook said that they were going a bit too far. I think that all kids these days is given this type of idea. the idea of being able to do whatever they want - that's what all the adults tell them. just be yourself! you can never go wrong. but if the kid like playing with frogs or worms they say no, you can't do that, they're dirty creatures that'll bring diseases and cooties. if they play in the mud adults scold them. what happened to being myself? kids ask. and without them realizing it, they start to not believe in 'being themselves' anymore. they become what people want them to be. "Be yourself," they say. "But 'yourself' have to be disiplined, smart, ace every subject you take, be good in sports, speak perfectly, sit up straight, don't use both hands when you eat" etc etc.

another part which bothers me was the "green is not a creative colour". I think it's the same as the paragraph above. society voices that they want you to open up and let the world see the real you, but limit the type of people that will be seen.

that other part after the 'D', in my opinion was the kids growing up to realize that people telling them to be creative was all a lie. almost everything we tell kids nowadays are lies. it's just sad to see them grow up and realize that life was not all that great after childhood and wished they kinda stuck there and became a kid forever. a bit of a Peterpan story, but you have to admit, never finding out the ugly truth behind a beautiful lie does seem tempting and perhaps better to live with - better to not know anything than to be a depressed person.
(this is just a slice of life thing, but imo if you knew, and if you figured you'd know more than you were told, and think of things people wouldn't think of or know of or realize, than you can know every truth on earth and still be a happy person. I think it's called finding an answer?)

anyway in my opinion the creators of this video in my opinion were really creative (hAH) and the small ideas set into the video so subtly that you'd have to look through a few things to get were so beautifully (or maybe not) set into motion. I might not have gotten every detail, maybe there were other messages in the video that I didn't notice, so put your creativity caps on and discover ideas and answers to unasked questions yourself.

Monday, May 6, 2013

jongup's fashion statement.

hey it's been awhile since I blogged here and well I just wanted to make an open statement about JONGUP'S FASHION SENSE.

as we all probably not know B.A.P's heading to U.S.A today and there are some airport pictures of the boys. As much as I love all of them sometimes what they wear are kinda funny, but I've always been able to swallow whatever it was. There also was a statement about how stylists style idols' airport fashion to match with their image and yes, Jongup might be a bit weird in the head but what he wears sometimes are just ridiculous.

Today, I've reached my limit though.

Here we see the boys walking in a group. Yongguk, Himchan and Youngjae decided to go for denim (I think most of us probably not can recognize Youngjae's fav jacket by now), while Daehyun rocks his leather and Zelo (not very clear) is wearing a sleeveless tee. 
Behind them is the always left out Jongup in his favourite camouflage pattern. but let's concentrate on their pants for awhile...
Yes clearly Jongup have fascinating white legs (ones I'd love to have). Slightly too over-exposed though.

Here we see a back view of his outfit for today. Up to toe camouflage, including his cap. The fact that he's wearing a loose shirt with those shorts remind me of what type of style Koreans like to see their girls wear - loose tops with short shorts.

here we can see that Jongup only button his first button. that sigh sticker is very accurate. boy, we need to talk.
another thing is HE DYED HIS HAIR AGAIN. ok wow I don't mind the colour and B.A.P's stylists are known for killing the boys' hairs but if you saw a side shot, his hair is like slap on his forehead. maybe it's wet, idk, but I would like to caress this kid's head and tell him it's ok, he's beautiful anyway.

See? Beautiful. I love you bb. Just, don't wear those shorts ever again please. Not in public. Hugs and Kisses <3 p="">