Thursday, May 30, 2013


I paused at the perfect time.
(obsessed with Tao just because he looks like someone. Or maybe I should say someone looks like him.)

I only posted the Korean version because it's always like that. I only downloaded the Korean version of the MV and the album tracks. I don't know.

I did squeal, I'll give you that. It was good. It was good. Although I found the bad part before I got to the part which caught on to me, I think I'm overall impressed with the choreography like wow okay SM this is an underestimation of how I feel about your choreography but YOU REALLY GOT THE MOST DETAILED AND PRECISED DANCING I'VE SEEN EVER.
So bad part:

Saranghaeyo? More like salanghaeyo, with a girl's voice.

I won't say I'm in love with the song because just like MAMA, probably too many things going on in one song but I won't say it's bad. I find myself singing along in around the third time I watched it. The vocals are great and I'll say the rap improved although I expected more from Chanyeol, I think Kai and Tao's rapping in the beginning was the best raps. But I know Chanyeol will satisfy me in the album tracks, I can feel it =w= But honestly whoever says Chen isn't a good singer should find a rope to hang themselves with because he has the greatest vocals I've seen anywhere. Better than Daehyun (although it's only because TS overworked him and now it's cracking so much poor bb ; ;). 

Now for the dancing, which I think I mentioned before I really really adore but this is my fav part:

This part where they rap real fast and go "WOLF" or something until the growling part where they shake their hands together. Definitely super duper awesome and I shall dance along to the part every time I hear the song I promise (unless I'm in public).
Overall, I just really like their dancing. Lacking where? Hmm I guess I didn't really like the part near the end during the chorus where the leg work was really fast although I adore the boys for being able to do that I just can't accept it it looks a bit awkward?? I don't know but otherwise, what else can you expect. Dancing is a KPOP thing. so the better you are with your choreography, the better a KPOP group you are (or so it seems to be. if not why else is everyone trying to do good dances?).

Okay that's it for the MV I'm waiting for the album tracks now T T 

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