Friday, May 10, 2013

creative - really?


TheFineBros introduced to me to this video through a YouTubers React video and I thought that none of the YouTubers were giving the answers I was thinking about. There is a meaning behind this video, really, not just the fact that it should creep some people out (a lot of people actually) but you really gotta go behind to the small bits in the beginning, I think, to really understand.

There was a caption in the Fine Bros' video saying that the director said they start the video off with it being really quiet because that's how creativity comes. When you're doing nothing. I think what it means is that when we're doing something, we're actually being creative but without us even knowing it. If we decided to go down to the kitchen and decide to get a sandwich, that's your creativity thinking up things for you to eat. If there's no sandwich, you look for other food to feed on. That's creativity looking for ideas. When you come up with a weird-ass concoction you yourself aren't sure is safe to eat or not, that's a product of creativity (that's a fine piece of art, DaVinci!) and if you go back upstairs with an empty hand, that's creativity unfed :( yeap that's me everyday.

the point is that creativity isn't about being fun and colourful and fast-beat. it's about CREATING.

there was a scene that really took me, I think it started at the clown (I think we all thought that scene was a bit weird) when the notebook said that they were going a bit too far. I think that all kids these days is given this type of idea. the idea of being able to do whatever they want - that's what all the adults tell them. just be yourself! you can never go wrong. but if the kid like playing with frogs or worms they say no, you can't do that, they're dirty creatures that'll bring diseases and cooties. if they play in the mud adults scold them. what happened to being myself? kids ask. and without them realizing it, they start to not believe in 'being themselves' anymore. they become what people want them to be. "Be yourself," they say. "But 'yourself' have to be disiplined, smart, ace every subject you take, be good in sports, speak perfectly, sit up straight, don't use both hands when you eat" etc etc.

another part which bothers me was the "green is not a creative colour". I think it's the same as the paragraph above. society voices that they want you to open up and let the world see the real you, but limit the type of people that will be seen.

that other part after the 'D', in my opinion was the kids growing up to realize that people telling them to be creative was all a lie. almost everything we tell kids nowadays are lies. it's just sad to see them grow up and realize that life was not all that great after childhood and wished they kinda stuck there and became a kid forever. a bit of a Peterpan story, but you have to admit, never finding out the ugly truth behind a beautiful lie does seem tempting and perhaps better to live with - better to not know anything than to be a depressed person.
(this is just a slice of life thing, but imo if you knew, and if you figured you'd know more than you were told, and think of things people wouldn't think of or know of or realize, than you can know every truth on earth and still be a happy person. I think it's called finding an answer?)

anyway in my opinion the creators of this video in my opinion were really creative (hAH) and the small ideas set into the video so subtly that you'd have to look through a few things to get were so beautifully (or maybe not) set into motion. I might not have gotten every detail, maybe there were other messages in the video that I didn't notice, so put your creativity caps on and discover ideas and answers to unasked questions yourself.

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