Monday, May 6, 2013

jongup's fashion statement.

hey it's been awhile since I blogged here and well I just wanted to make an open statement about JONGUP'S FASHION SENSE.

as we all probably not know B.A.P's heading to U.S.A today and there are some airport pictures of the boys. As much as I love all of them sometimes what they wear are kinda funny, but I've always been able to swallow whatever it was. There also was a statement about how stylists style idols' airport fashion to match with their image and yes, Jongup might be a bit weird in the head but what he wears sometimes are just ridiculous.

Today, I've reached my limit though.

Here we see the boys walking in a group. Yongguk, Himchan and Youngjae decided to go for denim (I think most of us probably not can recognize Youngjae's fav jacket by now), while Daehyun rocks his leather and Zelo (not very clear) is wearing a sleeveless tee. 
Behind them is the always left out Jongup in his favourite camouflage pattern. but let's concentrate on their pants for awhile...
Yes clearly Jongup have fascinating white legs (ones I'd love to have). Slightly too over-exposed though.

Here we see a back view of his outfit for today. Up to toe camouflage, including his cap. The fact that he's wearing a loose shirt with those shorts remind me of what type of style Koreans like to see their girls wear - loose tops with short shorts.

here we can see that Jongup only button his first button. that sigh sticker is very accurate. boy, we need to talk.
another thing is HE DYED HIS HAIR AGAIN. ok wow I don't mind the colour and B.A.P's stylists are known for killing the boys' hairs but if you saw a side shot, his hair is like slap on his forehead. maybe it's wet, idk, but I would like to caress this kid's head and tell him it's ok, he's beautiful anyway.

See? Beautiful. I love you bb. Just, don't wear those shorts ever again please. Not in public. Hugs and Kisses <3 p="">

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