Friday, May 17, 2013

video #5

This was actually a request from a subber, who's birthday was on Wednesday. If you can't tell, since I don't normally edit Boyfriend lol.
Experimented a lot with cookie cutter like a lot. I feel like I could still improve, but I've worked my way around using it. Also I've learned a few tricks on transitions and re-downloaded Spicemaster today so now I have Spicemaster and NewBluefx plugins :D
Colouring is still a mess though T T I have no idea how to go around gradient maps seriously I suck. I just keep twitching the colourings I downloaded sigh when will I be good at that I have no idea.
I have a lot of plans for the holidays, but I still have three more days of exam until I'm actually free so for now I'm gonna edit the songs first :3 Next video will be something I've been saving for too long ((taylor swift)).


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