Tuesday, May 21, 2013

video #6

Don't even ask I'm on an editing frenzy
idk after I watched an Infinite version of this song I got addicted immediately and I'm like lol Ain listen to this I'm addicted to it and she's like "Are you gonna make a video out of this?" and I'm like HEY maybe I should and she practically facepalmed.

I used masking and panning instead of cookie cutter this time because I wanted specific shapes. It wasn't originally like this - it was separate clips at first, but later on I thought about it and I wanted to do something different - experiment a little. I think this video has the most amount of layers I've ever used on SV - about eight or nine. mostly just for the beginning.
I also tried using 3D effects and it worked yay!! It affected my saturation a little (I tried fixing but it's still dark T_T) but I guess overall I'm satisfied with it. I originally used TV simulator again (oh me I just can't stop with the simulator) but like I said, I wanted to try something different and this is a start ^^ you can't really notice it,  since the last part is kinda quick and jumpy but it's there, during the squeaky DJ part (which I think is what made me so addicted to this song).
//edit I up-ed the contrast and started using 36-bit again. The 8-bit was really low quality although it rendered really quickly =3= I only used it because this tutorial used it and I guess it was okay until I realised that there's a difference between editing slideshows and editing videos (no offense).

Well back to bed.

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