Friday, June 28, 2013


"I even eat really creamy pasta well now 
how about u 
You still can’t eat pickles, right?"


Why did I choose the above line? Because I hate pickles. If my future husbands dislikes creamy pasta but eats it anyway this will be our song. Forever.

Okay so first impression of the music video? Holy fuck everything is gorgeous. The boys look gorgeous and the scenery was gorgeous and the music sounds gorgeous too. Totally calming, totally different from B.A.P's first look. I love this. I love it because of this. Because B.A.P can do anything. They exploded when they first debuted. They continuously amaze us with strong performances. They show us their different side and colours. And now they're back with something we could have never imagined them doing if we still knew them from Warrior.

I love B.A.P because of this. Because of their hard work. Their sincerity in doing this. The talent that shows within their performances. I was really scared at one time. I was really scared of losing them. But you know, they've always said if you keep comparing, you'll never be happy and I guess I should stop comparing.

Anyway, back to Coffee Shop. only after awhile did I notice that CNBLUE also has a song called Coffee Shop (which I actually really like, just forgot about it. When was that, March?). But the sound is different (mainly because CNBLUE is a rock band and frequently needs drums to strengthen their sound) and B.A.P has a more jazzy sound to it. Congratulations, Yongguk, you got your dream of doing jazz. He really likes jazz. Heck he also likes dubstep and look at him during LOE concerts. He likes everything, doesn't he? Music must be everything to him.

Their vocals this time is also very mellow and I really liked Zelo's singing part although when it started at first I was like "aw man please not make him only sing for this" and OF COURSE HE DIDN'T silly me~ He's a rapper not a singer heuheu. My favourite part of the song is Himchan's lines. During the HimUp parts they each get two lines and it goes like Jongup-Himchan-Jongup-Himchan, right? I like the second Himchan line. It's really soothing and his voice suits it well. I still can't say I'm in love with his and Jongup's voice though. I prefer Youngjae's voice in this, since he's vocal range is lower than Daehyun's he hits his notes better. I like the fact that TS gave Daehyun's voice a break though. He needs it.

Overall though, the song doesn't really give a strong impression. I doubt that was the point. The point was the music, obviously. They wanted to back away a bit and just show a bit more sentimental side of them. That's okay. The reason I'm completely fine with this is because it's the first out of three title tracks. Knowing them (and through reading articles) I know they're gonna show more colour on the other two. I predict one catchy song and the other is a more mellow/angst rap song. Let's see how it goes.

Final rating: 4/5


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