Friday, June 7, 2013

kai's the one!!!


Okay that's it. I know this is gonna be cheesy but Kai's my EXO bias. Done.
He used to be over-rated but not anymore so I'm ok with it I mean look at this bitch person he is so cute I wanna squish him that second GIF killed me. I essentially thought D.O's the cutest but too many people like him too much competition he can still be the squishiest among them but Kai's my squishy
I have a feeling Khairun likes Kai though, but the other day I heard her mentioning that she's starting to like D.O. I used to like Baekhyun but idk lost it
these things matter ok girlfriends have to stick with each other and not steal each other's biases


P.S, I also think it's due to the fact that I'm writing a Kai-eccentric fic (which will be available on SHL/AFF/LJ soon so stay tuned!) so I might be falling for my character for him but with those looks I can't--

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