Thursday, July 18, 2013

the fans.

A dumb comic I made out of reality. Ika brought EXO photocards to school on Monday and Naquiah and I decided to fawn over the boys. I said that I didn't like Sehun solely because I'm really not into his poyo face but I felt like Naquiah purposely said something bad about Kai because she didn't like the fact that I bashed Sehun haha. Girls.

I thought about it and I smiled to myself thinking about how out of all things that happened this week, I chose this topic to post here. Well, things are going along dandy. I got the album I bought in February (five months of waiting for it and I got a Jongup photocard!!! totally worth it) and my story got published in the newspaper. It's been a proud week but I feel like I'm falling behind study wise. I haven't been doing much of my homework since we've been stuck in the hall for a few days now so classes don't go on as usual. It's been pretty relaxed. I feel like I should continue my own studies but I'm like writing fanfics and stuff which makes me feel bad.

The continuous "I'll start studying for real next week" is kinda sickening and I wish I could just push all this away but I can't. I'll try.

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